Thursday, December 2, 2010

Imagine you’re a deer….

I have some stories – like of the night recently I fell in a mud hole and almost hit a deer costing my boyfriend about $75.00 (give or take).

I haven’t exercised in a week.

I ate McDonald’s twice over Thanksgiving weekend.

Things here are sort of unstable.  I won’t know about my job till early next week.  I’m swamped and can’t seem to keep up.   I want to blog (properly not just a ‘Hey! Remember me?” post) but it is proving difficult.

Subconsciously the holidays are hard to take.  There’s a lot of energy used up in just trying to keep going. I don’t want to be depressed so instead I constantly feel tired and restless.

For the New Year I want to get back to normal – or as normal as it can be under the circumstances.  I am looking forward to my new blog schedule which I think I’ll start up brand spanking new in January.

December though I fear posting will be sporadic.  I’ll do my very best to get here as much as possible.

I’m going to make candy soon.  And cake pops.  And a few cookies to give as gifts.

PS: Just fyi - I also do a mean Mona Lisa Vito impression.




  1. Just keep in mind that we're all still going to be here and we know that you are going through a lot. We don't have unrealistic expectations - and neither should you. :D

  2. Look at me...I caught up!

    This is your first holiday season after losing your dad. Cut yourself more slack than you ever thought you'd cut yourself. Also, if you need to take a little break from some of your usual holiday things, do that (like if you usually send out a letter, make it short this year, don't do it, or send it in January). But if there are things you love doing and would be sad not to do, keep those going.

    I missed the "what should I do with my blog" comment-time, but all I would say is that I'm happy to read about whatever you want to share. I definitely think you want to have a couple days off each week. Some people commit to doing a daily blog post, but I really can't imagine doing that day in, day out for very long without burning out. No matter what, I'll be here...catching up 2 months at a time. ;)

    As for me, I have another gorram health problem that affects what I eat. In addition to no gluten, now I get to be low-salt, cut out (or deeply cut down) alcohol, caffeine, fermented foods... Honestly, it's like the doctors of the world are getting together to try to make me eat just raw veggies and fruit. Veggies and fruit are lovely and all, but c'mon! (/G.O.B.) I also am supposed to get enough sleep and keep low-stress. Hey, no problem!

    And wouldn't you know it, all my troubles started in 2010. ;D Hoping for a great 2011 for all.

  3. Hey there! I took almost all your advice. :) I didn't send cards and we did just enough celebrating to make it seem like the holiday.

    Oh dear! I hope you are doing OK with all of that. Sounds like it must be difficult to keep control of all of that. Hugs to you!

    Here's to 2011!!!