Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I don't know if anyone checks in here anymore but I have started a new blog.


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Suburbs and the City

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wrinkle "Free" Wednesday! (Giveaway!)

If you know me outside of this blog or if you are reading recently you may have noticed that I have added new page here.   With freelancing becoming more my full time job than what I was doing to pay the bills while waiting for my next permanent gig I decided that I needed to have something else in the mix for (possibly) when my current contract is no longer.   

Please note: I am not a person who ever would have thought she'd be in direct sales - but these products made me change my mind!!  

I have been using Rodan + Fields  products the past year and I have seen amazing results in just a short time.   They are easy to use, developed by the dermotologists who created Proactiv® and when I did the math less than I was paying for all the other skincare products I had cluttering my shelves.

Today - in order to launch my business virtually I have something for you!   I want you to be able to try these products for yourself and find out why I went from customer to consultant!  The first two people to comment on this post will receive a free mini facial.

Just leave a little hello and I'll contact you for your address and ship it ASAP!

BUT - now here's the even more exciting news!
If you are interested in becoming a Preferred Customer you can get the chance to have your hands on R+F's newest product Acute Care at the consultant price!   Here's a video to tell you more about it. 

Put simply -  Redefine Acute Care  has 2 ingredients...it's formed onto little cones that are are thin as a strand of hair - those cones are on a strip (think Crest teeth whitening strips). You put the strips onto your crease/wrinkle at night and the hylauronic acid and peptides melt into and fill the crease. It is similar to what a Juvaderm injection would do (but without the painful needles, the doctor visit or the cost of an injection!) The body produces hylauronic acid and peptides--but as we age we produce less.

It was designed for the crow's feet and also targets forehead lines, the "11" in between the eyebrows as well as frown lines/mouth parenthesis. Use on your target area(s) every 3rd night for a month, then you don't use it for another 2 months. So basically it is used 4x a year. In clinical studies, most participants saw visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines within 4 weeks, however many see a difference after just one use (but of course that doesn't last, you have to use it as directed for the 4 weeks). Results are maximized with use of the Redefine regimen or Reverse regimen and the AMP MD roller (my favorite)!

Apply the patch at night to a clean, dry face, then you finish the rest of your regimen(including the AMP MD Roller), carefully avoiding the patches and an area 1/4 inch around each patch. Peel off in the morning and discard and they are not reusable.

How does it work? Patented Liquid Cone Technology - the cones are filled with the 2 ingredients, which melt into the creases once they come into contact with your skin. No one has this technology AND Rodan + Fields holds the exclusive patent for the two years - very exciting!! 

Here's why you need to become a Preferred Customer to get this deal.   There will be a FLASH SALE on October 22nd!!!   You will be able to get it at the consultant's pricing!  And Acute Care won't be officially launched until Jan 2015 so you'll be one of the first!

Please contact me a singleserving.km@gmail.com if you want more information on becoming a Preferred Customer.   I can help you walk through the Solution Tool to find a regimen that is right for you.   Personally - I use the Reverse regimen along with the AMP MDTM roller. My favorite item of all is the Redefine Eye Cream. It has truly made a difference in the dark circles I have had for years.

Once you become a PC if you'd like  me to place an order for you during the FLASH SALE let me know! Please note - it is for while supplies last but I will do my best to get an order placed for those who want to give this revolutionary product a try!!

If you want information on all the products take a look at my R+F site.   Just fyi - all prices listed are retail, but PCs get 10% off and free shipping!

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.   

Thanks for taking a look and remember to comment below!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blow out, Ballet, and The Bistro

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with my friend Mary from High School.   We've been in the same industry for years but this was the first time we got to work together.   The tasks were pretty simple and we were able to share a glass (2 for me, one for Mary) of wine at the end.   It was great to catch up with her.

One of the things I've loved about my job is the fact that someone else pays me to travel - sometimes to a place I would never go otherwise,  sometimes to a place where I can see someone I love.     It's an extra treat when that happens.

I spent the weekend working in Saratoga.  I've never been before and I can't wait to go back.   I really have no excuse.  Mary has lived in the area for years.   Work gets in the way of life.   Life gets in the way of work.  

I am a believer that we do too much work and not enough living.  (More on that later...)

Anyway - when I first started Meeting Planning I spent many a night in Ritz-Carltons, Four Seasons and the like.   I was spoiled beyond belief.

I have to tell you though - in recent years my assigned accommodations have been more of the Courtyard Marriott variety.   And I'm not a hater.

Marriott's in general are my preferred hotels and the Courtyard has a cute "restaurant" of sorts called the Bistro.  They have appetizers, flatbreads and burgers.   Basic fare that you could get with room service but you can sit by the fire or on a patio or in a cute little booth with built in TV like I did watching Property Brothers on HGTV.     I couldn't decide what I wanted so I order the hummus plate and a burger.

Prior to this I took Mary's recommendation and had my hair blown out at Pin Ups.   I had a mimosa, read a magazine and was very relaxed.   I also tried to take this selfie without anyone seeing a thing, hence my face.

During my after pampering walk I found this pointe shoe hanging out on the sidewalk.   I danced from age 4 to 16 and then again in my mid-20s.    The New York City Ballet and specifically Balanchine's Nutcracker will forever be my favorite.   I hope I get to Lincoln Center at some point this season.

All and all - things are good around these parts.   I'm working hard, exhausted but it's a good exhausted.      It beats the alternative I guess.

I have said in the past that I wish I could do something else and the truth is I want to do what I do under my own terms.   Freelancing - though not my chosen path - something I was more forced to do out of necessity seems to be really working out for me.   If I get to see more of my friends more often it will truly be the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekend in New England

Time in New England took me away.

To long rocky beaches, and you by the bay

We started a story, whose end must now wait....

Aaand now you know I secretly love Barry Manilow.   Actually you'd only know that if YOU also secretly love Barry Manilow.   So there's that!

My incredibly generous mother gave Dave and I a weekend away for our anniversary.  We went to the Shelter Harbor Inn.    It's a lovely, homey inn - more than just a bed and breakfast (though breakfast is included).  

The weather was ideal.  Dave and I took a walk to the end of the road till we hit water.

Later in the day we took a drive to Newport where we had the dinner I described below.   I once did a meeting in Newport and it was nice to be back and not be working.

Who brought this guy?

We didn't get a chance this time to check out the mansions.    Dave's ideal vacation spot is somewhere in the mountains.  Way before we met I had envisioned a destination wedding in Newport.   I grew up on Long Island but there is something about New England that feels like home to me.    Dave would argue I don't seem to like the beach much and I admit - I'd much rather lay by a pool but I do love the way the sun sets on water and the sound and smells of the beach.  

We got to relax and just sit and be quiet - something we don't get to do too much and something we should do more of.    I can't wait till the next time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What I ate....Newport Edition

Dave and I went away for the weekend.   More on where we stayed, what we celebrated and some other pics of what we saw (which included Gone Girl)  but I wanted to mention the delicious dinner we had in Newport at the Clarke Cooke House.

Fresh sourdough-y rolls served warm to start.

When in New England you must have Clam Chowder.   This was not too rich but full of clams.  And the Oyster Crackers were homemade.

I was in the mood for a steak.  I ordered the filet mostly for the sides.    Wood grilled with green onion, leek and potato puree, asparagus and red onion marmalade with bordelaise sauce.


And a delicious Pinot Noir.

Dave had the seafood pasta (unpictured) which had an Asian, gingery sauce.    Like upscale lo mein is my easiest comparison.

Dessert was a shake from Ben & Jerry's - also unpictured.    Chocolate Therapy mixed with Candy Bar Pie.  

It didn't last long.

Lest you think I'm a food snob, tonight I'm making this for dinner.

More to come.   Happy Tuesday to you!