Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Good afternoon!!

Greetings from sunny Long Island! It's a beautiful bright sunny (and freaking cold) day.

Jen and I are about to go out to the store in a bit and my brother, sis in law and the cutest kids in America are on their way here.

Exercise today - I did a half assed 25 min walk/run on the treadmill earlier.

And now here are today's exciting culinary adventures.

Bacon, eggs and toast.

Hummus and cheddar on a rye sandwich thin.

And that is basically all she wrote. I know. Riveting.

Dinner is my mom's mac and cheese and some sort of chicken.

I'll be back later with more details.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Better than it looks

A quick recap of my day. Tragedy. I almost didn't get into Zumba today!!! I was there about a half hour before class and it was already full!!

The class holds 60 people.

Zumba. Why do you have to be so awesome???

They had a (very short) wait list. They only took 10 people and turned the rest away. I was number 6. They first only took 1-5. I sat there with puppy dog eyes and long story short - I got in just under the wire.

Class was great. I'm so glad I stuck it out.

My dad is out of the hospital (YAY!) and so I got a ride home.

Let me preface these pictures with saying they are definitely not my best work. I'll make it up to you - promise!

Before my ride home I showered and had a quick lunch.

Pretzel chicken with a bit of honey mustard on a whole wheat wrap.

I was afraid the pretzel coating would be way too salty it was just perfect. I might use a stronger mustard next time though.

Next up - Jen made a fabulous pizza for dinner - homemade sauce - TJ's pesto and sea salt flatbread as a crust. So. Freaking. Good.

Lindt Sea Salt chocolate for dessert.

I'm now watching Up in the Air from the comfort of my parents' den. Not bootleg. Well - not really. My uncle 'knows a guy' who gets the award show screeners.

I think it's okay. I'd pretty much vote for George Clooney anyday.

Except for O Brother Where Art Thou? I have very bad memories about that movie.

I'm kind of afraid to watch this. I spent about a decade of my life traveling for work. I'm sure I'll relate to this movie in a lot of ways.

Until tomorrow dear bloggy ones.

Sleep well. Hug the ones you love.

Good Morning

Hey there. I'm back - posting about breakfast at *gasp* breakfast time.

It's good to be back on track.

As I mentioned - I am going to Zumba this morning. If I had any chance of wanting to bail the fact that there was a Zumba infomercial on reminded me that I need to go.

The point is I needed more than the standard PB sandwich to tide me over.

Do yourself a favor. Do this sometime soon.

Take a small sautee pan.

Spray w/canola oil cooking spray

In a small bowl - whisk 2 eggs, a splash of milk, a pinch of salt and pepper

Microwave 1 slice of bacon for 1 min 30 seconds

Crumble in the egg mixture

sautee a teaspoon of chopped onion in pan.

Add the egg/bacon mixture

toss in a handful of baby spinach and crumble an ounce of goat cheese

When the egg is set and looking omlette like toss in a 300 degree oven for 10 min

Toast up a piece of whole wheat bread - spread with butter and serve with the frittata.

Trust me. You'll be glad you did.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Catch up

Hello there. It's time to get back on the wagon. I don't know how much you want to hear about. Do you want to see the jacked up hot dog I had at the airport on Tuesday? I'd like to forget it quite frankly but for the sake of the blog I'll post as many pics as I can to get all caught up.

Then it's bed for me. I'm going to Zumba tomorrow morning.

No excuses.

So here's Monday. It rained in Florida - and we ended up at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood. I started with the usual, had some onion rings and a chicken sandwich.

It seems we just missed Snooki's appearance.

You don't know how much that pains me. I should be ashamed - but am totally not - to admit how much I adore the Jersey Shore. As Kelly Ripa says "If loving the Jersey Shore is wrong. I don't want to be right."

Kelly and I go way back. I used to watch her on Dance Party USA.

dance party usa-kelly ripa

rick | MySpace Video

I mean seriously 1986. What did you try and do to me?

Yes. I'm ancient. Deal with it.

Anyway....we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

Well. We had appetizers and a bottle of wine truthfully.

We had pita and hummus and garlic parmesan pretzels. Delish.

Tuesday. This petrified hot dog was pretty much all I ate all day.

Then I got home and made some pasta with meat sauce.

Wednesday. I stopped at TJ's after the doctors. I got some sweet chili sauce. I drizzled it with teriyaki on top of some chicken gyoza. Oh and broccoli.

Wednesday night I met my friend Steve for dinner. He was visiting from out of town. We started with quesadillas.

He had short ribs. I had crab cakes.

Ever notice how when I like something I order it ALL THE TIME???

Look. It's Thursday now. Time for...breakfast!!

Last night I cooked!! I made chicken using these two things.

With au gratin-y potatoes and a small salad on the side.


I think we're finally at Friday.


Lunch. Pretzel coated chicken (recipe soon!), spinach, sweet peppers, goat cheese, dijon balsamic.

Dinner w/mom and Jen at Dolcino.

I got the prix fix dinner that had an appetizer, entree and dessert.


Chicken Parm. I've got more than half leftover.


Dessert (w/peppermint tea).

Thanks for your patience with my blog slacking ways. I think I'm (finally!!) back in the swing now. Please send good thoughts that my dad will be out of the hospital and back to eating dinner with us soon. I miss him. :(

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow is another day...

and a day I'll be back with updates on everything then. I've felt the need to take care of me the past few days and can't summon the energy to write a proper post.

I'll remedy that tomorrow. I promise!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I don't even know where I left off....

So I'm just going to keeep going. :)

Friday. I think it was Friday. We went to dinner at Dada's in Delray Beach. One of the very best dinners I've had in a long, long time.

We had wine.

And Grilled Brie. This was delicious.

Our dinners...

Erin's Butternut Squash Raviloi with thyme asparagus cream sauce and artichoke hearts.

Jen's Chicken Del Rio - with avocado, provalone, black bean puree and jasmine rice.

I had a filet with crabmeat, asparagus and mashed potatoes.

I ate almost every last bite.

Then there was a little of this...

And a little of this....

At one point we thought this was a great idea. I remember eating fries and tasting one of the chicken fingers.

A big thank you to Jean our cab driver for putting up with us and going to the drive thru on our way home.

Saturday I had a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

Jen, Erin and I stopped at the Carolina Ale House to 'put out the fire' as my dad is fond of saying.

We had boneless buffalo wings to start.

And I had a burger w/some onion strings. I ate about 2/3 of it and left some fries.

We laid low and watched The Hangover (appropriate!) and Uncle Red made us dinner.

Salad. Which I did not eat.

Pasta - which I did eat.

And ice cream - which I definitely ate.

Sunday. We're at Sunday right? Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Lunch...was homemade bar food (made by moi!) as we watched football. I'll post recipes sometime soon I promise!!

Turkey Nachos with Jen's DELICIOUS homemade guacamole.

Balsamic Wings.

My plate.

A little later I had a small slice of pizza.

And some more ice cream.

Here is where I say I'm eternally grateful we don't have Blue Bell Ice Cream in NYC. This stuff was amazing. Also why I don't ever buy ice cream. I'm powerless. Completely powerless.

And I think that's enough to hold you for now. I'll give you the rundown on the rest tomorrow.

I know what you're thinking but let me tell you I am feeling zero guilt. I needed a vacation in every sense of the word. Jen and I exercised 2 out of the 3 days (either running or walking or a combo of both). We went shopping one day and I zipped up size 8 jeans. I bought the 10 - but the 8 ZIPPED UP FULLY. That's amazing. I ate out a ton but left something on my plate at every meal but breakfast.

All in all I think it was just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of the doctor - I'm having a physical tomorrow - first time since I lost weight. Is it weird that I'm kind of excited???