Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday (early)

Shhh...I need you to be a little quiet. We had a bit of a night last night.

I'm done for a couple of months.


I started with a little PB on a sandwich thin with a few oranges on the side.

We went to lunch at Bru's Room in Deerfield Beach.

We had fried pickles. YUM.

And Jen and I both had a buffalo chicken salad.

We're also bringing back the 1987 rope bracelet. Get ready.

btw - Erin did that manicure herself. Just so you know. :)

I'm trying to upload the rest of the pictures from yesterday but the connection is very slow. I'll be back in a bit with the delicious dinner we had at Dada in Delray Beach. So yummy!!


  1. Wow, I am across the street at the Deerfield Buccaneer, never heard of fried pickles! I am on my way over to try them. By the way, GREAT pics.

  2. PS where did you get the rope bracelets? My guests would like to take something like that back home as well.

  3. Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for stopping by! The rope bracelets aren't really a fashion statement more just for a little retro fun. :) We bought them at Wings should you want to join us!!