Monday, January 11, 2010

Garlicky Goodness

The best thing ever about going home - other than being with my family who I love to pieces is that I can sometimes steal food and bring it back to the city.

I did just that tonight.

I roasted a little asparagus and added it in to the shrimp w/garlic and oil my dad made the other night.

So delicious.

And then I ate a little dessert.

I once said these Jell-O Mousse things were tasty. They're actually kind of...not. It's like eating chocolate air.

Normally I'd be a fan of anything chocolate but...I gotta say they're not quite worth it.

No gym for me today. I'm hoping to get a good night's sleep and heading to the gym in the AM.

Be back then!

PS: Date was confirmed this evening so it seems like it's a go for Wedneday. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


  1. This pasta with asparagus looks AMAZING!! My biggest down fall....PASTA. A whole box? YES, please :( Trying to change those evil ways.

  2. Thanks!! I know what you mean. Pasta is so easy to make - so easy to eat too much of. I have to confess - I don't know how much this was because I didn't measure it but typically I try and limit myself to a cup when I make it myself. Not easy!