Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

I'm here - just dealing with all the horrific curveballs life seems to be throwing my way these days.

I'm still staying as on track as I can though - so there's that.

Friday I played NYC tourist with my friends Kay and Jesse. We did a blitz of midtown Manhattan.

I ate a PB sandwich.

We went to Central Park, Times Square and Rock Center saw the tree. We walked through Macy's and took the subway. Jesse got yelled at by a homeless man. It was awesome. :)

Can you tell how much I like these people? I ventured into tourist hell for them!! :)

We wound up at Duke's down near Union Square for lunch.

I had a burger and I'm not going to apologize about it.

After lunch we ventured to the West Village. We walked 10 miles in all that day!!!

Friday night admist snow and lots of restaurants being closed on New Years Day we went out to dinner to Totonno's.

We had some wine.

I had 1.5 slices of pizza.

Kay had a canolli.

I had ice cream.

Saturday I went to the gym and ran two miles. Saturday was also a champagne brunch at my friend Carrie's in Queens. She put out quite a lovely spread.


Streusel muffins

Banana bread

Cheddar and chive scones (I had 2!)

Proscuitto and melon

There was also a delicious tomato fritatta but I guess I didn't take a pic. :(

My yummy plate. :)

And also 2 yummy breakfast cocktails. I opted for Screwdrivers over Mimosas. :)

I drove back to LI and had dinner. My mom made breaded chicken in tomato sauce over rice.

It was so delicious I had leftovers for lunch today (minus rice) but that was after I had a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast. I also walked/ran on the treadmill while watching an episode of The Office this morning.

We (my mom, Jen and I) took down the tree and put away all the decorations from Christmas. After that I had had a little snack.

And now I'm waiting for dinner.

I weigh in tomorrow. I'm hoping I maintained. I'm pretty confident that I did. I'm working half a day and then telecommuting for the rest of the day. I'm all stocked up on healthy foods so this week I should be right back on track.

Cross your fingers please. I really need all the luck I can get.

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