Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back at work


It's not like I didn't work most of the day yesterday - but there's something about getting dressed, going out into the cold and having to sit at a desk that's decidedly different.

I dragged myself to the gym this morning - knowing the last thing I'd want to do when I got home would be to go back out to the gym - even if it is right across the street.

It was a quick trip but I felt good afterwards. I did a combo of incline walking and running - 2 min walking increasing speed, 3 min running for about 25 minutes.

Then it was out into the frozen tundra.

Once at my desk I ate this:

I caught Dr Oz yesterday. He said it's good for weight loss to eat the same breakfast every morning.

And here I was doing it because I'm boring and lazy. :)

Stay tuned tonight. I'm going to try and create a new recipe for dinner. Hopefully it'll turn out OK.

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