Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Everyone here is vegging out. Jen's upstairs, my dad and my dog are both sound asleep, my mom's in the other room catching up on TiVo'd shows.

And I'm here - to tell you what I ate for breakfast. :)

Peanut butter on a whole wheat EM.

And a yummy mug full of hot chocolate (made w/only 3.5 tbsp of chocolate (not the 5 they recommend) and skim milk.

I'm sore from Zumba yesterday. Ben decided to give us a lesson in lunges for some reason. Therefore exercise may or may not be in the cards today.

Not sure what today holds. Jen and I are headed out for lunch and a little pre-vacation shopping. I have to get my stuff together to take to Florida on Thursday.

The Golden Globes are tonight - which is by far my favorite awards show. Plus Ricky Gervais is hosting, mastermind of the British version of my favorite show and hysterical.

Enjoy your day!! See you on the red carpet!

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