Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I don't have exciting lunch pictures - see yesterday's lunch if you are curious - but I do have good news (FINALLY!)

I went to weigh in and lost 3 lbs.

OK. 2.8 lbs. I'm saying 3.

This allows me to officially say I've lost 60 lbs. It's taken a bit longer than a year - but I'm there. It's my lowest recorded weight since I started seeing M in Oct 2008.

Woo hoo!!

I actually skipped the gym this morning and just spent a few hours getting my nails done. I'm going to definitely get a few workouts in in Florida so no big deal.

And also - three pounds!!!

I'll be back at dinner. Just needed to share. :)


  1. Thank you!! I'm very excited. Of course when you see my next post you'll wonder if I celebrated by trying to gain all 3 lbs back in a day! :)