Friday, January 8, 2010

Last one

As of today - the leftover 'Unchiladas' are done for.

Good thing too - since I now will be having sandwiches forever till that bread is gone!!

Today I heated it up and added some spinach.

And chocolate. For the Flavonoids. ;)

I have no idea what's for dinner. I froze some of the stew (we'll see how THAT works out) and half the soup as well for a rainy day. I still have some of that in the fridge though. I could have soup for dinner if I so chose.

Nothing sounds appealing right now though. I might end up with steamed shrimp and dumplings.

I think I'm taking today off from exercise too. No matter how much sleep I get these days - it never seems enough.

God I wish I were a napper. I'm just so...NOT.

See ya later.

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