Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's go to the movies....

Today's movie experience - as par for the course for me these days - was not quite as relaxing and enjoyable as I'd hoped. First - I thought it was at 10:40 am (WTF Fandango?) but it was at 11:20 instead. I killed some time in Borders and bought something to read. I set myself up in a cushy seat in an empty theater.

With a dirty armrest. Ewww.

And thank God Kate. I was SO worried about you. That bastard Tiger stole all your press for a while.

Soon after an older couple (read 70s) came in. This is when I realized:

a) I am not yet in the Nancy Meyer demographic

b) I'm being punished for my crush on a TV star

I now know that Mr 70s man is going to Subway for a meatball sub after the movie. He doesn't like the turkey anymore. And Mrs. 70s lady is returning the toilet water he gave her for Christmas but keeping the perfume. The bottle is too small and not worth it.

Then I moved my seat so I have no idea what else they are up to.

The movie was fine - I'm just not a divorcee in my mid-50s.

And John's still adorable - but that's exactly what I expected.

And also why I went to the movie in the first place. Let's be completely honest.

I snacked on half of this little bag of goodies.

(peanuts and dark chocolate edamame)

And came home and made a grilled cheese sandwich.


I promise I'll stop talking about that soon. Like I'm the first person who ever mixed flour, yeast and water together.

I have a few options for tonight. I can go out with my friends in the city. I can go out to LI and hang with my sister. Or I can go to the gym and make a yummy dinner for myself.

I'm leaning heavily towards the third one.

Brunch with the family and cute nieces tomorrow. YAY!!!

I'll be back at dinner. We'll see what falls out of my freezer tonight. :)


  1. Your bread looks AMAZING. Great chewy crumb w/ crispy crust -- the kind of thing you usually have to go to a European-style brick-oven bakery to get. Nice work.

  2. Thanks!!! It was so easy to make boggles my mind that I haven't tried before. The trick was kind of baking it in a dutch oven I think.

    I think it might become a once a month deal.