Saturday, January 30, 2010

Better than it looks

A quick recap of my day. Tragedy. I almost didn't get into Zumba today!!! I was there about a half hour before class and it was already full!!

The class holds 60 people.

Zumba. Why do you have to be so awesome???

They had a (very short) wait list. They only took 10 people and turned the rest away. I was number 6. They first only took 1-5. I sat there with puppy dog eyes and long story short - I got in just under the wire.

Class was great. I'm so glad I stuck it out.

My dad is out of the hospital (YAY!) and so I got a ride home.

Let me preface these pictures with saying they are definitely not my best work. I'll make it up to you - promise!

Before my ride home I showered and had a quick lunch.

Pretzel chicken with a bit of honey mustard on a whole wheat wrap.

I was afraid the pretzel coating would be way too salty it was just perfect. I might use a stronger mustard next time though.

Next up - Jen made a fabulous pizza for dinner - homemade sauce - TJ's pesto and sea salt flatbread as a crust. So. Freaking. Good.

Lindt Sea Salt chocolate for dessert.

I'm now watching Up in the Air from the comfort of my parents' den. Not bootleg. Well - not really. My uncle 'knows a guy' who gets the award show screeners.

I think it's okay. I'd pretty much vote for George Clooney anyday.

Except for O Brother Where Art Thou? I have very bad memories about that movie.

I'm kind of afraid to watch this. I spent about a decade of my life traveling for work. I'm sure I'll relate to this movie in a lot of ways.

Until tomorrow dear bloggy ones.

Sleep well. Hug the ones you love.

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