Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mmmm mmmm good

Back from the gym and a sweaty 3+ mile workout. I did incline walking for 25 minutes at increasing speeds and then ran for another mile. It felt really good to spend 45 minutes thinking about nothing but how many more minutes I needed to run to hit 3 miles.

Back when I was fat the rare occasions that I worked out always felt great - but mentally I was in such a sad state that it didn't make much of an impression.

I think that the year it took me to lose this weight really prepared me for all the things I'm dealing with right now. Mentally (and physically) I feel so much stronger. Good thing too.

I always believed that everything happens for a reason. But that's hard to swallow when what's happening is the last thing you ever wanted.


Also - let me just share for a second the fact that I firmly believe I might be the only person in my entire building who cooks. Exhibit A - menus that have been slipped under my door by delivery guys just today alone:

Now, let's talk soup shall we? I must declare this foray into French Onion a success. There were more than a few well done bits and I worried the soup would have a charcoal-y taste but nope.

It's all good. :)

Especially bread and cheese. Nothing to complain about there.

I took some Italian bread and drizzled it with olive oil, then sprinkled a little garlic powder. I don't have Gruyere, so I took a slice of Swiss and some fresh mozzarella.

Broiled it and then sent one piece for a swim and kept the other on the side. With a little chopped parsley as a decoration.

Another work from home day tomorrow. I've got some stuff (reports and such) that I've put off for two days that I simply MUST do. If I can get them all done I'll feel very accomplished.

Wish me luck.

Can you hear that?? Something chocolate in my kitchen is calling my name. Must investigate.

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