Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dinner envy

When I left my parents yesterday I heard my dad ask my mom over the phone what she wanted him to make for dinner (yes. This is a typical occurance. My mom cooks too but my dad's been the chef for years now.) I asked him today what he ended up making at it was baked pork chops.

So that's what I had tonight.

But first - I was starvin' like Marvin when I got home from work. I snacked on bread, hummus and extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Then about a half hour or so later - dinner was serveed which was a cornmeal encrusted baked boneless pork chop, roasted taters, broccoli.

For dessert - Reese's - deconstructed.

Sleep well my dear bloggy ones. See you in the morning!

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