Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ellicott City, Maryland

Dave and I went to visit friends in Ellicott City over the weekend.  They used to live right in the center of town but now live in a lovely woodsy retreat miles away.  It was a nice, restful, fun weekend.

I ate (mostly) vegetarian this weekend and walked 4 miles 2 days in a row. 

Still the scale is not my friend and did not budge when I went to M’s today.


Anyway – the weather was lovely and I love the shops there.

april may 033

april may 024

   This is where I heard Dave enter the store saying “I think she’s in here – it’s very girly” or something to that effect.april may 025 I may have done some damage – wallet-wise.april may 027 To be fair – I bought more presents for other people than presents for myself.april may 028april may 030 april may 029  april may 031 april may 032  april may 034 april may 035 april may 036 I did not buy any Barbies but I’m thinking I should have.april may 037 april may 038 april may 040 april may 041 This goose is not blue.  Just saying. april may 044I love the name of this store.april may 043

Tonight it’s trivia night.  Dave and I are hosting all the ‘gamers’ (for lack of a better word) for a BBQ on Monday.  It’s our real event together and I’m betting he will be happy I made him go to Costco last night instead of this weekend.

I am also admitting to the internet that I had the membership card in my wallet and forgot that fact at check-out.

Anyway – I’m sure that there will be something off in the universe on Monday with so many geeks (I say this without malice – I am geeky myself) in one location but it should be a good time.

Stay tuned for a recap of that. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For the birds

There are creatures living in our stove vent. 

Baby birds have taken up residence so that every time I cook I feel like Snow White.   Our backyard is like a scene out of Bambi.  I knew there were deer ‘round these parts but we also have:



Your requisite squirrels

A groundhog named Chester* who lives under the shed

Birds (in the oven vent and elsewhere)

A fox named Lefty*

* I had no part in naming these animals.

Dave’s kids used to have a hamster (no longer) and a guinea pig (no longer) and a Golden Retriever named Genevieve (who is alive and well and curled up sleeping near me – I like her a lot).   I’m iffy on rodents you see.

I mean…I am not someone who would like to give a mouse a cookie.  I don’t want to be nice to mice.

($10 if you got the Ally Sheedy reference)

SIDENOTE:  Speaking of Ally Sheedy – I am reading If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster right now.   If you ever liked or enjoyed a John Hughes movie it’s pretty much a must read. 

I simply don’t like critters.   These birds are freaking me out a little to say the very least.

So – let’s see what else is new.   I am trying to find shoes to match the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Did I show you the dresses?  They are kind of hard to see in this picture.  They have spaghetti straps and pockets (!!!)  I kind of want one myself.   They’re dark blue but not exactly navy or royal.

 bridesmaidMy dress is BEHIND that dress but you can’t see that till much later.  :)

Plus ummm….Dave reads this blog.

This is the current shoe contender.   They have a heel but are not too high.  They come in a size Mora could wear.  I am not loving any silver shoes but these are the best of the bunch.  I think they could be cute but we’ll have to see.  PS: Any ideas or shoe suggestions would be welcome in the comments. :)shoesbm

There’s Zumba tonight.  I weigh in again on Thursday.  I don’t think I’ve gained anything but I’ve not lost much either. :(   I might take a break from going to M because it’s less helping and more hindering me at this point.  This whole wedding planning thing comes with weird pressure.  It’s all good – it’s full of people wanting to do nice things for me – but I don’t know.  I’m a tad bit stressed. 

I’m also perpetually sad.  It’s been months since we lost my dad and I still can’t quite believe he’s really not here anymore.  It’s not consciously constant yet it’s always there.  Yesterday I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things.  They had rhubarb in the produce section.

My father was slightly quirky – as am I – I am fully aware.  He often would just be sitting around and ask us inane questions such as “So Kristen.  What do you think they’ll do with the rhubarb this year?”

When I was younger I had no idea what rhubarb even was.  Once I learned what it was I would reply with all sorts of preparations.  It’s a stupid little thing but when I saw those red celery-esque stalks yesterday I really missed him. :(

Last night I did not take pictures as I made turkey chili and it wasn’t too exciting.  Tonight I’m taking (kinda) the easy way out by making meat sauce (homemade) and cheese ravioli (not homemade).  I’ve also made some bread to go along with it.

Have I mentioned how much I love having the ability to work from home?

I caught up on some On Demand stuff last night/this morning.  Oh man.  Friday Night Lights – such a fantastic show.  Real Housewives of NJ – what a train wreck.  I forgot it was the new season of The Bachelorette last night.  Tim – you give Long Island a bad name.  Bentley – you’re a scumbag.   Mask Guy – WTF?

Dave – I am forever thankful I will never have the want or need to go on a show like that.    :)

Monday, May 23, 2011


Thursday night Patti and I went to an event for the Langham Hotel Group.   Patti says their Pasadena property is one of her very favorites.

We thought it was at the restaurant – but it was actually at the test kitchen.  The chefs from various hotels made a bunch of delicious treats.

It was dark and I only had my iPhone but here’s what I could capture.

ss 772I’m very much into flowers these days.  Must be the wedding planning!!!ss 773  A duck ravioli with sweet peas.  Delish!ss 747  ss 748 Asparagus all lined 751 Roasted shrimp with grape tomatoes in a shot 753 Soft shell 754 More chocolates. ss 755 Pear vodka.  Not really a fan but the cocktails they made looked 760More 756 

There was lots of interesting wall 762ss 763 Chefs in 764  

Ice cream pops.  I was told it was vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  Methinks the bottom layer was actually 768Patti and me with Chef 769

Everything was so well done and it was definitely an experience I would not have had if not for this event!

I have more pics from my weekend in Maryland and if I keep my head about me – maybe even pics from me making dinner tonight!  Stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I always do what my sister tells me to do

Jen asked me to update – so I am.  I will tell you what I did today.

I woke up – ate peanut butter on an English muffin.

I drove to NYC from NJ after whining to Dave about taking a different way than I am used to.

I got to my apartment – did 3 loads of laundry while working.

I ate a grilled goat cheese and balsamic onion jam sandwich with oven fries for lunch.

I love goat cheese.

I took a 3 mile walk along the East River.

I came home – talked to Jen – ran the dishwasher and then showered.

I need to look presentable as I’m off to an industry event at Bouley in the next half hour or so.

My apartment is a total mess – it looks like a homeless person is squatting here.

Ewww.  That doesn’t sound too good.  Mostly I think because I don’t like the word squat.

Jen doesn’t like the word moist – fyi.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reasons I love Zumba (and…Brunch)

1) I just like to say the word.  It’s fun.

2) I love people who love Zumba.  Believe it or not (Jen) – there are people who love Zumba more than me.  People who wear Zumba clothes to Zumba class and hang out in the front near the instructor.  Now don’t get me wrong – I might be persuaded to buy this top.

zumba  Or these pants (which are less Zumba-y but still look comfy). 

pants But really I just like to stand off to the side and do my thing.

3) You never stop.  It’s one hour where you can’t think because you are too busy trying to keep up. 

4) But most of all – the number one reason I love Zumba is because of stats like this.  1hour and 2 minutes = 705 calories burned.


I just wish I could take this class 5 days a week!!!

Lots of stuff has gone on since we last spoke.  My mom threw an engagement party for Dave and me.  It was a good time with good friends and family and lots of good gifts.  :)

It’s difficult having parties now (and honestly all this is difficult) without my dad.  Not only do I simply miss him – he was a master at organization when it comes to preparing for a party.   Still – my mom and Jen did the bulk of the hard work and the result was absolutely lovely.

 ss 729  ss 730 We got tons of flowers.   A lot of hydrangeas as those will be our centerpieces at the wedding.  Also – I just love them. ss 732 Jen made homemade muffins (Blueberry Corn) and Bacon & Cheddar Biscuits (in a muffin shape)ss 733 Action shot of the egg and bacon casserole and a lovely fruit 734French Toast and Silver Dollar Pancakes and some Chicken Tenders for the kids – except they were eaten mostly by the adults! ss 735  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s BACON!ss 737 And potatoes!ss 738 My 739And then there was dessert.  Angel Food Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Bavarian, Strawberry Cheesecake, Berries and Cream and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (made by Dave’s mom)ss 741ss 743 ss 742

Looking at all that food is making me think of what I can do today to exercise a little.  It’s ugly and rainy out.  Blech.   Honestly that calorie reading on the heart rate monitor was pretty inspiring.  If I can exercise like that and enjoy it that much there is no reason I should be hanging on to all this weight.

Plus I saw my dress again this weekend.  I really want them to have to take a yard of fabric out of that sucker.

Hope all is well with you and yours.   Be back later.