Monday, May 23, 2011


Thursday night Patti and I went to an event for the Langham Hotel Group.   Patti says their Pasadena property is one of her very favorites.

We thought it was at the restaurant – but it was actually at the test kitchen.  The chefs from various hotels made a bunch of delicious treats.

It was dark and I only had my iPhone but here’s what I could capture.

ss 772I’m very much into flowers these days.  Must be the wedding planning!!!ss 773  A duck ravioli with sweet peas.  Delish!ss 747  ss 748 Asparagus all lined 751 Roasted shrimp with grape tomatoes in a shot 753 Soft shell 754 More chocolates. ss 755 Pear vodka.  Not really a fan but the cocktails they made looked 760More 756 

There was lots of interesting wall 762ss 763 Chefs in 764  

Ice cream pops.  I was told it was vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  Methinks the bottom layer was actually 768Patti and me with Chef 769

Everything was so well done and it was definitely an experience I would not have had if not for this event!

I have more pics from my weekend in Maryland and if I keep my head about me – maybe even pics from me making dinner tonight!  Stay tuned!!

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