Monday, October 10, 2011

What I haven't told you....

There are actually three people in this photo. :)

In June Dave and I got a little unexpected news. We had talked about having kids (more for him - a first for me) and we figured due to the fact that I am considered ancient in the baby making world we'd start...after the wedding.

Life had some other ideas.

So this is the reason I didn't keep on my expected weight loss regime prior to the wedding, while I've had less energy than usual and zero time to blog and why the name of this blog is now "Service for Six" because I have gone from cooking for just me in my little itty bitty kitchen to having 4 (and 5 in February) other mouths to feed.

It's all very exciting, and everything I always wanted. I just never expected to get it all in the span of a few months.

I'm still thinking about moving everything over to Wordpress but for now I just wanted to give you all the scoop.

My mom has three granddaughters and in February she will have a little boy to spoil.

A boy whose father and I christened "Veruca" in my early stages of pregnancy. He'll pay me back for that later for sure!

Of course, there is plenty more to the story but that's the latest for now. I've got honeymoon recaps and more about the wedding and I may actually cook something and tell you about it soon.

Thanks for hanging in there. It's nice to be back.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update soon! (and some housekeeping items).

Hi all!

I’m back – not sure how many noticed I was gone since my blogging has been sparse to say the very least.   There is so much going on – I keep waiting for things to slow down but it appears there is no such thing.

I’m moving on Monday and soon after Jen is moving into my old apartment and I’m so excited for her to be a city girl.   She loves Long Island but I really do think she’ll enjoy living in the city.  I resisted for the longest time and now I’m dragging my feet to leave. :(

I also need to change the name of this blog.   I still want it to be about life and food and things like that but I am no longer single (obviously!) so the name seems silly.

Any and all suggestions as to a new name would be MUCH appreciated!!   I’m pretty much at a loss.   Second Helpings seems to be a no-brainer but there are multiple catering companies and others using that name and I don’t want to have to switch AGAIN.

Also if anyone knows how I can switch this puppy over to Wordpress that would be awesome.   I’m thinking it’s time for a change.

I promise you I will be posting more soon.  Once the dust settles next week I will update you with all the goings on around here.

In the words of Rachel Zoe - “It’s pretty major.” :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011



 programme and mombridal party  bridesmaidsaisle ellie    mads ells mads ells 2 me & momme & daveflower girlscenterpiece  speech

Monday, August 22, 2011

Two weeks….

Stopping by for a quick update.  I am the world’s worst blogger and an even worse food blogger.  I had to opt out of a Ghirardelli Tastemaker offer today because I was ashamed to admit when my last blog post was. :(

I made 4 completely different meals yesterday (I decided I didn’t want to cook again this week due to stress level) and took nary a picture.

So what’s new? My shower was on the 13th.  My mom and Jen did an amazing job.  I am very fortunate to have such generous friends and family.


I am pretty well set for the wedding.  Of course the following things have occurred lately:

Jen’s shoes were too big.  I ordered another pair and they sent a completely different style shoe.  Status:  Currently waiting for replacement

My catering manager quit.  I found this out when I sent an email and got her “I no longer work here” auto reply.  Status:  New girl seems responsive but I am not happy to switch so late in the game.

Amenity gift bags were 8 sizes too small.  Status:  Returned – awaiting replacement.

We’ve submitted our marriage license application and need to go there in person on Thursday to get it.   Rings are pretty much done.  My first fitting was last week – my dress was HUGE which again was a huge relief.  I had this nightmare my dress would be too small.  Of course this wouldn’t have been a problem 30 lbs ago but bygones. 

Anyway – that’s where we are.  I promise PROMISE a huge wedding/honeymoon/life recap after the wedding. 

Now if I can just keep from having meltdowns in the car in the parking lot of Stop & Shop for the next two weeks I’ll be golden.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I don’t…

I don’t believe that my wedding is only 37 days away.

I don’t like traffic or driving in New Jersey. (This is not news).  Dave and I both had cars yesterday.  We met at a Costco in Clifton.  It was very romantic.   I tell Dave I am in bumper to bumper traffic.  He says he sailed right there and that it should clear up and I’ll be there in 5 min.

I called in 15 min later to say you better start shopping without me because I had moved only about 20 centimeters.

Moral of the story:  New Jersey hates me.

I don’t know why this guy in the McDonald’s on 42nd and Madison sits in the vestibule wearing a black SECURITY t-shirt.  He is not there all the time.   It is not a particularly crime ridden location (that I know of).   It’s not like it’s so hot and trendy you need a bouncer.  

I don’t know if there will ever be a time that I won’t want a burger for dinner.  At least last night Dave and I shared one.

After we shared a buffalo chicken quesadilla for an appetizer but you know.

I don’t know how we are all going to survive a 10+ hour (I think) drive to the Outer Banks (beginning tomorrow).  At least we are stopping near Baltimore on the way down!!

I don’t know what I want to eat for lunch.

I don’t know if my wedding dress will fit.  I am hopeful as I went to M yesterday and have not gained anything significant since the last time I saw her which was ages ago.

I don’t know why I don’t work out/walk more as I love that half hour all by my lonesome on the treadmill or walking by the water.

I don’t know how to end this post.  So I’m just going to. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I’ve come to a conclusion

I’m just not going to post much this summer.  Please know the intent and the desire are there. 

Time is what I’m lacking.

I cleared out my DSLR camera yesterday.  I had 125 pictures.   Some are pictures like this:

camera 216 which are taken by landscaping obsessed Dave in our backyard.

Some are from the absolutely DELICIOUS five star dinner my good friend Kelly hosted for us.

camera 247 

camera 250

Butternut squash soupcamera 251 Lobster salad with 254 Filet, mashed potatoes and 255 Chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert. 260

Some are of Father’s Day weekend.  When Ellie and Matt came out for a barbecue.

 camera 224 camera 230 camera 231 camera 232 camera 233

Dave found a frog in the backyard and showed it off to Miss Ellie.   She wasn’t quite sure about it – but she and Maddie are sure about Dave.  He has them both eating out of the palm of his hand. Not frogs of course - but you know...  camera 236The next morning my mom made breakfast before we headed back to New Jersey.   Egg, bacon and cheese biscuits anyone?camera 263    That night for dinner I made shish 265   Dave got a few gifts. camera 270

I also found some pictures of this girl on my camera.

camera 225This is Dave’s dog Genevieve, who came out to Shelter Island last weekend but never came home. :(  He wrote a post about it here.  (Which is Dave’s blog btw).   It was a no good very bad day full of vet visits and she is sorely missed.  She helped me keep the floor clean and from eating all the leftover bacon.  She was my only source of company when I worked from home alone.  She filled I void I’ve felt ever since this lady of all ladies said goodbye.

allie 8

I also found a picture of this girl.   I’m not sure what she’s even doing.

camera 331

Friday, July 15, 2011

What I’ve been up to

I’ve mentioned it before – but I’ve got a lot going on. 

My wedding is officially 51 days away.

I’m moving from an itty bitty apartment to a big house in the suburbs.   I’m going from living alone to living (most of the time) with four other people.   All of whom I adore so that’s not the issue.

The issue is that – contrary to the state of my apartment – I really like things clean.  I like my living space to look…lived in…but I don’t like things like plates and cups in the dining room, using a new plate or cup for every morsel you eat or drop you drink, wrappers from food tossed on counters and floors, things from the fridge (esp milk) left out to get warm,  things cooked in the microwave without plates and or a cover, kitchen cabinets left open….

Let’s talk about that last one.  Is it just me or does a kitchen IMMEDIATELY look untidy if the kitchen cabinets are left wide open????   I’m thinking of asking Dave to take the doors off because it is a rare occurrence that I walk through that room without having to close…SOMETHING.

Come to think of it, my major complaints all really center around the kitchen.  Don’t get me started on the NEW family of birds in the stove vent or the beige countertops that mock me with every crumb or spill.

Everyone is really trying which I absolutely appreciate and I am completely aware I might have a touch of OCD.

Last weekend Maddy invited me, Cortney and Carrie to her dad’s house in East Hampton.   The house is awesome and our hosts were even better.  It was such a lovely relaxing weekend.

We went to the beach in Montauk.

  june 076 And had dinner at Gosman’s Dock.june 077june 107 june 078 june 079  june 081 june 082  

Last night I met Maddy and Kristen for a Bastille Day celebration.  I had a burger.  And French Fries.   I don’t think that qualifies as French food but oh well.

Sidenote:  There is an episode of The Office where Pam goes out on a date and the guy makes a joke about Freedom Fries.   I went on a (emphasis on the singular)  date with a guy who told me he called them Freedom Fries.

I don’t think Dave has anything against the French thank goodness.  He specifically LIKES frogs as a matter of fact.   :)

That reminds me I have a picture I need to post here that includes frogs.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn Dave and I are heading out to Shelter Island.   We are staying at my cousin Nancy’s house at her gracious invitation.   It’ll be bittersweet.  Last year my dad was with us and he was truly in the best spirits of the whole time he was sick.  He was driving, cooking and he felt good.

I miss him lots.  Especially now as my wedding is 51 days away.

Still I am very much looking forward to relaxing this weekend by the beach and for some fantastic people watching.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!   Be back with more pics and tales from this weekend.

Maddie and Ellie are going to be there.  Last year they spent the whole time singing Lady Gaga.  Who knows what they have in store for us this time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things my nieces say….

A six and four year old can be the best form of comic relief.

Well….Ellie actually may turn out to be a comedienne.  It’s highly possible.

Here are a few examples:

“What are you even doing?”  (uttered whenever you are doing….anything)

“Dave, I’m not sure about your shoes” (Ellie trust me.  I’m not either!!)

“These are my American armpits”  (A song by Maddie – sung wearing a bathing suit in the driveway)

“Krissy, don’t you have a nice skirt or shoes you can wear?”

Krissy, why are you wearing jeans?  Didn’t you know it was Poppy’s birthday?”

The above is proof Maddie is a bit of a fashionista.

“I’m going to get my own dress and my own shoes”  (Ellie in regards to her flower girl dress.   She’s a fashionista too)

We only had two cookies for breakfast”“ (Way to sell me out on the phone to your parents, kid)

“How can you marry Dave if he’s already married and has kids?”   Maddie, luckily, has no concept of divorce.

I am sure I am missing out on some of the best ones.  Now that I have finally posted (slacker!) Jenny – help a sister out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

If I don’t post today my fiance might just leave me

That might be a tad melodramatic but he does ask EVERY DAY.

My sister is also on my case.

So here I am – with tales of where I’ve been.

The truth is saying that my life is hectic is a severe understatement.  There is pretty much NOTHING in my life that has not changed in the past year.

I’m not complaining about all of it – but it’s just…a lot.

I need time to process.

Luckily in the last few weeks I’ve had some time to relax.  I went to Orlando.  Or Hogsmeade.  Or both.

june 053 

Three Broomsticksjune 043june 040  Butterbeer anyone?  Tastes like vanilla cream soda.  Get the frozen version.june 042  june 044 june 046june 045  june 047  june 049  june 051 june 052   Hogwarts.june 055

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is very cool.  It’s tiny but you really feel like you are stepping on the movie set.  My advice if you want to visit is to stay at a Universal property.  We did and got in as soon as the park opened.  About an hour later the wait time for the ride was over an hour.


PS:  People LOVE Harry Potter a little too much.  Teenagers galore dressed in capes and Hogwarts school uniforms.

Here’s some food I ate.  Or Annie ate.  Or Dave ate.  I cannot even remember where these were from.  They were yummy though.june 056 june 057Come to think of it – the above (and the below) was dinner with Dave at The Station.june 058I went for an early dinner with Patti upstairs at Bryant Park Grilljune 059 

I had a solo lunch at Lillie’s on Friday.  It was a burger.  I don’t know where it went.june 060 june 061 This I remember.  Dave and I went to the Hester Street Fair.

june 064And had tacos.june 062 june 063  Then we went to dinner at The Mermaid Inn East Village location. june 065 june 066 june 067

Lobster truffle mac and cheese.  Nothing wrong with that.june 068

I think part of the problem is that my blog is experiencing an identity crisis.  I am no longer single.  I no longer cook for 1 person.

Today I made a chicken casserole with Campbell’s Cream of Broccoli soup. 

I’ve become June Cleaver.