Friday, July 22, 2011

I’ve come to a conclusion

I’m just not going to post much this summer.  Please know the intent and the desire are there. 

Time is what I’m lacking.

I cleared out my DSLR camera yesterday.  I had 125 pictures.   Some are pictures like this:

camera 216 which are taken by landscaping obsessed Dave in our backyard.

Some are from the absolutely DELICIOUS five star dinner my good friend Kelly hosted for us.

camera 247 

camera 250

Butternut squash soupcamera 251 Lobster salad with 254 Filet, mashed potatoes and 255 Chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert. 260

Some are of Father’s Day weekend.  When Ellie and Matt came out for a barbecue.

 camera 224 camera 230 camera 231 camera 232 camera 233

Dave found a frog in the backyard and showed it off to Miss Ellie.   She wasn’t quite sure about it – but she and Maddie are sure about Dave.  He has them both eating out of the palm of his hand. Not frogs of course - but you know...  camera 236The next morning my mom made breakfast before we headed back to New Jersey.   Egg, bacon and cheese biscuits anyone?camera 263    That night for dinner I made shish 265   Dave got a few gifts. camera 270

I also found some pictures of this girl on my camera.

camera 225This is Dave’s dog Genevieve, who came out to Shelter Island last weekend but never came home. :(  He wrote a post about it here.  (Which is Dave’s blog btw).   It was a no good very bad day full of vet visits and she is sorely missed.  She helped me keep the floor clean and from eating all the leftover bacon.  She was my only source of company when I worked from home alone.  She filled I void I’ve felt ever since this lady of all ladies said goodbye.

allie 8

I also found a picture of this girl.   I’m not sure what she’s even doing.

camera 331


  1. haha She's taking self portraits of herself while no one is looking. And the bbq pictures were not from father's day they were from the self portrait takers birthday. Sister better recognize!

  2. I like that you are calling it "our" backyard.

    I also would say that you are coming to a foregone conclusion.