Thursday, July 7, 2011

If I don’t post today my fiance might just leave me

That might be a tad melodramatic but he does ask EVERY DAY.

My sister is also on my case.

So here I am – with tales of where I’ve been.

The truth is saying that my life is hectic is a severe understatement.  There is pretty much NOTHING in my life that has not changed in the past year.

I’m not complaining about all of it – but it’s just…a lot.

I need time to process.

Luckily in the last few weeks I’ve had some time to relax.  I went to Orlando.  Or Hogsmeade.  Or both.

june 053 

Three Broomsticksjune 043june 040  Butterbeer anyone?  Tastes like vanilla cream soda.  Get the frozen version.june 042  june 044 june 046june 045  june 047  june 049  june 051 june 052   Hogwarts.june 055

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is very cool.  It’s tiny but you really feel like you are stepping on the movie set.  My advice if you want to visit is to stay at a Universal property.  We did and got in as soon as the park opened.  About an hour later the wait time for the ride was over an hour.


PS:  People LOVE Harry Potter a little too much.  Teenagers galore dressed in capes and Hogwarts school uniforms.

Here’s some food I ate.  Or Annie ate.  Or Dave ate.  I cannot even remember where these were from.  They were yummy though.june 056 june 057Come to think of it – the above (and the below) was dinner with Dave at The Station.june 058I went for an early dinner with Patti upstairs at Bryant Park Grilljune 059 

I had a solo lunch at Lillie’s on Friday.  It was a burger.  I don’t know where it went.june 060 june 061 This I remember.  Dave and I went to the Hester Street Fair.

june 064And had tacos.june 062 june 063  Then we went to dinner at The Mermaid Inn East Village location. june 065 june 066 june 067

Lobster truffle mac and cheese.  Nothing wrong with that.june 068

I think part of the problem is that my blog is experiencing an identity crisis.  I am no longer single.  I no longer cook for 1 person.

Today I made a chicken casserole with Campbell’s Cream of Broccoli soup. 

I’ve become June Cleaver.

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