Wednesday, May 4, 2011


ss 676

See this dog?   She single handedly ate about a dozen and a half mini doughnuts today.  Nevermind that those doughnuts were chocolate (EEEK!).  Do you think she looks appropriately contrite?  

Anyway.  Mora and I made doughnuts.  Mora came with Dave and me to register and procured a mini doughnut pan and mix in the process.  I pretended not to know how to make my own buttermilk in order to put her off till Wednesday to make them.

ss 663

I’m not a perfect person.

Anyway – the mix itself tasted divine.

ss 664  Mora was an expert 666 ss 667  Before Genevieve the dog got a hold of them.  There was a full plate at one 669And after….ss 680Mora was inconsolable.  Until I went to the grocery store and brought back some ice 677ss 678 


The end. :)

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