Thursday, May 19, 2011

I always do what my sister tells me to do

Jen asked me to update – so I am.  I will tell you what I did today.

I woke up – ate peanut butter on an English muffin.

I drove to NYC from NJ after whining to Dave about taking a different way than I am used to.

I got to my apartment – did 3 loads of laundry while working.

I ate a grilled goat cheese and balsamic onion jam sandwich with oven fries for lunch.

I love goat cheese.

I took a 3 mile walk along the East River.

I came home – talked to Jen – ran the dishwasher and then showered.

I need to look presentable as I’m off to an industry event at Bouley in the next half hour or so.

My apartment is a total mess – it looks like a homeless person is squatting here.

Ewww.  That doesn’t sound too good.  Mostly I think because I don’t like the word squat.

Jen doesn’t like the word moist – fyi.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled program.


  1. Moist

    all DISTURBING words!

  2. I also dislike the word ointment.

  3. Sigh, I dont wanna know how long it took Jen to get you to post, it takes me weeks. I dont have many words I dont like, but I am awfully partial to corruscate. It is a word only used in comic books.

    I use the word underwear in lieu of all female unmentionables.

  4. Safire - It was a pretty good day!

    Melissa - I concur

    Jen - I know. I was debating which one to use.

    Dave - I'm sorry. My life is become very busy since I met this comic book geek from NJ.

    For the record I like the words innocuous and obsequious.

  5. Expectorate is a pretty good word too. Someone really has to find a better meaning for it.