Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pasta and Peas (and cheese!)

Zumba tonight was tres interesting. There was a camera crew there!!!

Let me explain what I look like at Zumba. Sweaty with my hair pulled back in a headband, huffing and puffing like I'm gonna die. It's not a place I'd like to make my film debut. It was an internal thing for the school as far as I can tell (and what the notice when I signed in told me). Anyway - class was good. Gave me a bit of an ass kicking which I needed.

I'm phoning it in at the gym lately. The cold weather keeps me from running outside and I'm not feeling treadmill running these days. I'm gonna go to Zumba again on Saturday before I head to CT for the lovely Miss Madeleine's 5th b-day bash.

FIVE. I cannot believe she's five already!!

So tonight I wanted pasta to go with the tomato basil sauce I defrosted (mystery solved!!)

I added peas because I felt the need for some green.

It was good but I portioned it out and only made 1 cup of the pasta and now I'm still hungry!

On the way home I made a quick stop to the store. I bought a pack of drumsticks - I've been craving wings (so strange but it's true) and so I thought I'd make a variation of these tomorrow.

I can't wait!

OH! I have a question. Does anyone have a slow cooker/crock pot?? I think I want one - but even though I cook for just little old me most days I don't want to get one that's too small. Would a 3 quart one be too big for me? Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated!!

And on that note I'm off to lay like broccoli. Thank goodness Heidi and Tim are back tonight. Oh how I missed them.

Sleep well.

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