Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry for the late posting. I got a call that my presence was being requested for brunch in Stamford, CT by 11 am.

It was 9:30 and I had to catch the train at 10:07. Rush, rush, rush.

But before the call I had a bit of breakfast:

My brother and the two cutest kids in Connecticut - and arguably - the world picked me up. We went to get my sister in law and then my parents and Jen arrived. Then we went here.

And I had this:

Jen and I discussed today...without question...hamburgers and fries are in my top five as far as favorite foods go.

I left some fries and about a quarter of the burger on the plate.

Now I'm out on Long Island lounging around and having a bit of a snack.

Now for some news. Hang onto your hats - and actually you might possibly want to take up residence in a fall out shelter since the end of the world might be near. I might actually have a date on Wednesday.

And to make my life easier - I already mentioned that I have a food blog so...hopefully he won't freak when I bust out the camera.

Keep your fingers crossed. Although I'm hopeful. I'd say I'm due for some good luck.

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