Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cup of noodles

What do you do after you eat 3 slices of homemade bread in the afternoon?

You add noodles to your beef stew for dinner of course!

How did people ever do Atkins I ask you??? Impossible.

And PS - I hope my neighbors appreciate the fact that I made our whole floor smell like a bakery today.

After lunch I ate another half a piece of bread + butter

I ran a quick errand and then went to the gym after I finished work today. I did 34 min total - 15 incline walking - the rest running. Twas good.

Then I ate another half.

Then it was - Shower. Boil water. Add noodles. (which btw was probably a little less than a cup - maybe even just a half). Drain noodles. Warm up stew. Combine.


Now who wants to come over and clean up my kitchen?


  1. Good Lord, that looks amazing!! Was that out of the Bittman cookbook as well?

  2. FF - it was. It's a great cookbook. He has a vegetarian one too that I want to try. I added the noodles but yeah - it's his recipe. And I didn't use a lot of fat at all - save the fat in the meat and a little olive oil so I don't think it's too crazy in the calorie department. Also - I halved the recipe and served it in one of my smallest bowls.