Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waste Not...Want Not.

There is a reason this is what I ate for breakfast today.

It was leftover. I have too much food to eat and I can't stand having uneaten leftovers.

And I believe I was obligated to eat it cold. :)

It is not surprising but I have all this restless energy and don't know quite what to do with myself.

So today I started a dough to make bread.

I bought too much beef stock when I got it for the stew so I'm making some French Onion Soup as well.

With real butter. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it either.

I'm either going to run to the gym or do some yoga from YogaDownload. I've seen many bloggers use those but I've never tried one before. I think it'll be a good way for me to practice the basics without feeling like a fool. I'm not that good at yoga but I feel the need for some peace and serenity in my life right now.

And I can do 20 minutes for free. I also need to save my money.

New York ain't free!!

My dad's having another test today. We'll likely know the game plan tomorrow. A stupid quiz on Facebook says my luck is now 7%.

Send good thoughts to prove that stupid quiz wrong s'il vous plait.

Until lunch...

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