Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yum Squared

My favorite salads are chock full of protein and this one did not disappoint.

The mix:

Baby Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, 1 baked chicken tender, 2 baby carrots (shredded), a touch of onion and about 1 oz of goat cheese. With a drizzle of Ken's Light Vidalia.

I ate every last bite.

And a little Godiva goodie for dessert.

I'm one conference call away from going home, making dinner and watching TBL. YAY!!

Or maybe I'll TiVo that and watch Southland instead. I am so glad that show moved to TNT. I really liked it.

Speaking of TBL - I watched that DiscoveryHealth thing on Erik, the guy who won it all and then gained most of it back. It's a really interesting look at what has happened since he left the show. You can diet and you can exercise but you have to fix other parts of your life before it'll truly work.

For me, it's a choice I make every day. To go to the gym, to be careful about what I eat. It's never been about denying myself something I love and I'm so fortunate that I've finally been able to get to a place where there is a good balance.

Something clicked last October. I used my weight as an excuse for everything I didn't have. I still don't have a lot of those things - but being heavy didn't actually help me get where I wanted to go either. It was a choice to do at least that for myself. It was the one thing I truly could control.

Now for those last 10 (I mean 12) pounds!!

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