Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Down to a simmer

I don't think I can do yoga today. Maybe I'll do some before I go to bed. I'm far too restless and ansty. A good long walk or run on the treadmill might be a good thing.

As I mentioned - I decided to make French Onion Soup today. I used this recipe .

I loved the idea of carmelizing the onions in the oven. I won't go into the whole recipe - since you can find it through the link - but here are pics I snapped through the process.

I halved the recipe and so it only had 1.5 tbsp of butter. Not bad right??

Look! Onion twins!

In the pot...before...

In the pot...after...they got a little too brown but still taste pretty amazing.

Simmering away!

I don't have proper soup crocks so I'm just going to toast some bread and melt some cheese on top I think and float it in the soup. That'll be dinner.

Lunch was leftovers.


And I was scared the yeast I had in the cupboard was past it's prime but look at my bread!!

I can't wait for the apartment to smell like a bakery tomorrow morning.

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