Monday, January 4, 2010

Roast Beast

Random fact: My niece Ellie looks very much like Cindy Lou Hoo.

And we had Roast Beef for dinner last night.

My dad is home now and felt well enough to carve the 'roast beast'. For a moment everything seemed nice and normal.

We get more news this week. Please send every good vibe you possibly can. We need any sort of good news around here.


Speaking of needing good news - I did not get it at M's today at weigh in. I'm officially up 2 lbs since my lowest a few months ago. 2 lbs is nothing. 2 lbs will be gone soon. I wasn't even disappointed because you can just add that to the list of crap being thrown at me these days.

Did I say I was going to be thinking positively???

Anyway - here's the rundown on what I've eaten since yesterday.

Roast Beef - cooked to perfection!

Roasted asparagus - YUM!

Some wine...(the wrong 'kind' but I don't care!)

My plate + a little extra potatoes afterwards (like a spoonful)

I also had a homemade truffle and a half after dinner (not pictured!)

I did not eat breakfast today (BAD KRISSY!). I did Level 1 of The Shred before I left LI. I had a snack of pretzels and hummus after weigh in...

...and leftover pizza for lunch.

I only ate the slice with broccoli though. I guess one good thing is that even when I feel like I am entitled - I'm not overeating.

I did however have a Dark Reese's after lunch. For medicinal purposes.


It's a red meat bonanza for me again today - I'm making (a modified) Mark Bittman's beef stew for dinner. Stay tuned for that!

Also - please head on over to see Allison @ Green Dog Wine for an awesome EO giveaway!!


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