Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weight and See

Fingers are crossed today that I have let go of some of this weight I've been carrying around. I have an appointment at 11:30. I'd take as little as a half a pound - I'd be thrilled with just one. I am in desperate need of something positive these days.

I'm not sure if last night helped my efforts in that regard.

For lunch I had some leftover pizza:

Get used to this - I'm having it today too. :)

Plus 2 Dove hearts for dessert:

I went to the gym and ran/incline walked for 35 minutes. It was good to get back to it.

There was an event planners reception at Celsius in Bryant Park last night. It's a makeshift (albeit a sturdy one) restaurant/bar right next to The Pond in Bryant Park.

NOTE TO TOURISTS: This rink is beautiful and less crowded than Rockefeller Center. If you are here Nov.-Jan. I'd say give it a try. Rock Center charges $10-$14 + $9 skate rental. The Pond is free admission and $12 skate rental.

Sorry for the crappy photos. My Blackberry and camera both died and I was left with my rinky dink cell phone.

It was the most bizarre group of people I've ever seen assembled. The behaviour of some of the guests was appalling. Whenever a tray of hors d'oeuvres came out it was like a feeding frenzy.

The space is really cool - I'd love to plan something there - but the drinks were way too sweet and it's weird to me that we were invited to see the space 4 days before it shuts down for the season. ???

Oh well. It was nice to see the space anyway!

I had a 'Cosmo' to start. I guess it's a Cosmo. It tasted incredibly peachy. I took one sip. I couldn't stand it quite frankly!! Pretty little drink though!

I had a glass of red wine instead.

Starving - Patti and I headed over the the Bryant Park Grill and parked ourselves at the bar. I had some delicious crab cakes w/honey mustard and arugula and we split some fries.

And a nutty, oaty roll.

And I switched to white wine.

This morning I had some cereal for breakfast. It's time to get back to eating like I'm trying to lose weight instead of maintain it.

The plan today is gym, weigh in, packing, mani/pedi, and a trip out to Long Island.

I'll check in again later this afternoon.

See you then!

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