Friday, January 15, 2010


Did you ever feel like you know you definitely did something and then find out that you have not?

That's me today - totally thought I already posted this morning!!

Color me accomplished. My laundry was done by 9:30 AM!!!! I love it when all 4 washers are free. I can get 4 loads done in an hour. One of the perks of apartment living.

But when there is a backup in the laundry room it totally sucks nickels.

Anyway...after the laundry and a quick trip to CVS (FOR SUNSCREEN!! I'm going to sunny Florida next week!!**) I came back and got started on dinner. But now I may meet friends and the dinner will have to wait.


ANYWAY now onto the business at hand. Sorry! I'm all over the place today.


Then I did a little prepwork in making some drumsticks.

I used all of this.

I ended up modifying Giada's recipe a bit as I was making only 4 drumsticks. I used 1/3 cup baslamic, 1/4 cup teriyaki glaze plus a squeeze of Sweet Baby Ray's and only a tablespoon or so of honey (all I had was that little jar I stole from a room service tray at some hotel!)and I'm also sesame seedless. So none of those either!

Also - of course - NO ROSEMARY.

Dear Culinary World:

Just say no to that herb that tastes like pine trees. I'll be eternally grateful.


Plus 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.

Giada says to use ziploc bags but all I have are little ones so the drummies are hanging out in a covered Pyrex dish in the fridge.

The recipe says to have them marinate at least 2 hrs. And so, I decided to roast some tomatoes since they take about 2 hrs too.

I am a master multitasker. :)

Lunch is up in the air right now as is exercise. I'm thinking of vegging and going to Zumba again tomorrow. Or I might just do a quick 20 odd minute trip to the gym. I'm dressed in gym clothes already so we'll see!

See you in a bit. Happy Friday!!

**Speaking of vacation - if anyone is at all interested in guest posting I was thinking I might make this a full on break from everything so please email me or comment here and I'll get in touch with you!

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