Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What I ate....Newport Edition

Dave and I went away for the weekend.   More on where we stayed, what we celebrated and some other pics of what we saw (which included Gone Girl)  but I wanted to mention the delicious dinner we had in Newport at the Clarke Cooke House.

Fresh sourdough-y rolls served warm to start.

When in New England you must have Clam Chowder.   This was not too rich but full of clams.  And the Oyster Crackers were homemade.

I was in the mood for a steak.  I ordered the filet mostly for the sides.    Wood grilled with green onion, leek and potato puree, asparagus and red onion marmalade with bordelaise sauce.


And a delicious Pinot Noir.

Dave had the seafood pasta (unpictured) which had an Asian, gingery sauce.    Like upscale lo mein is my easiest comparison.

Dessert was a shake from Ben & Jerry's - also unpictured.    Chocolate Therapy mixed with Candy Bar Pie.  

It didn't last long.

Lest you think I'm a food snob, tonight I'm making this for dinner.

More to come.   Happy Tuesday to you!