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One of my…let’s just say…issues is being organized.   Now I have drawers stuffed full of junk but there is always a semblance of organization at the core. 

To put it simply if not delicately – I know where my shit is.

99.9% of the time.

I’m not about to claim I have a perfect photographic memory but I do have one of sorts.   I read – rather quickly – and I don’t know how or why but if I need to go back and find something I can tell about where in the book it is – whether it’s on a left or right side of the book and whether it’s near the top or bottom of that page.

When the other members of this household ask me where something is – if I’ve seen it – I can tell them where to find it.

Having this guy makes life a little more complicated.   The boy goes through bottles like no one’s business and comes with more accessories than Barbie.

ry guy 2But God he’s cute.   Makes up for a lot.

Dave and I made a list yesterday and embarked on a mission.   We cleaned the Living Room and the Dining Room of clutter.  Finished the Guest Room (which we started MONTHS ago).    Then I cleaned out my pantry.   I had no idea what was in there and it made me ill every time I opened the door.   A place where I was supposed to store staples became a virtual black hole. 

This is not the first time I’ve done all this.   I just spent a good 20 minutes trying to find the last post of me organizing the cupboards (back when Dave and I were first dating) and then realized you probably don’t care about THESE pictures let alone a link to cabinets from 2 years ago.


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I have two teenagers and a 10 year old here.   Ramen and Chef Boyardee are staples.

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Baby formula on a shelf next to Diet Coke.   This says a lot about me as a person.

This corner of my kitchen was a nightmare.   I had about 9 bottles of various oils and vinegars cluttering up the space.  

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And look at my shiny new backsplash!!!  (You have NO idea what it was like before).     Someday my kitchen will be completely redone.   For now this has made a world of difference.

Organizing stuff calms me down.  For me at the heart of it all - clutter = chaos.    Even though I am at times my own worst enemy in this regard.   I would gladly show you my newly organized closets – but not the horror show that is my armoire or my nightstand.

But for now – we’ve made a dent and it’s making me happy.

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