Monday, April 11, 2011

This just in: Diamonds make you lose weight

Hello lovelies.  I am sorry to be MIA for a bit.  This weekend was spent moving some of my stuff from NYC to NJ (eeek!) and at Carrie & Chris’ wedding.  The “City Girls” were chauffeured by this hot guy driving a white 12 passenger van.

But that’s another story.

I am here to tell you in the first week since being engaged I went to M’s and lost…5 lbs.

So basically it’s not that I can’t lose weight – it’s just that I’ve not had the motivation I guess.

I am not motivated today let me tell you.  I went a little heavy on the Malbec last night.

Wedding planning is…going.  I haven’t tried on a dress yet – we don’t have flowers or a photographer or a cake but we’re looking!!

I’m so lazy today and it looks nice outside.  I hope I can find some motivation soon.

I’m going to be making a yummy (light) dinner for me and the fiancé tonight so stay tuned!!


  1. :) I think getting married is GREAT motivation to get fit! A few of my friends went on the Tracey Anderson method a few months leading up to their weddings and they looked so toned.

    Good luck with everything!!!!

  2. Hey hey - congrats! I found that motivation for wedding planning came in spurts - so as you find it, run with it.

  3. On the positive side you have made Jersey a much classier place by your mere presence.

  4. Safire - I'm going to just do what I've been doing I think but already I can see that my diet has been significantly changed - basically just going back to how I used to eat when I lost weight.

    Jocie - I am trying to get so much done so quickly I feel like I need to chill out. It'll get done. It doesn't have to get done this week.

    Wine helps. :)

    I mean Dave - seriously. That's not too difficult. LOL! (but you're sweet)

  5. I've been gone from here for so long that I just had to catch up from November!

    Many congratulations on your engagement -- it definitely seemed things were going that way, and I couldn't be happier for you and Dave. I'm glad the upcoming wedding is getting you motivated to lose that weight!

    Enjoy the wedding planning!

    - Too Late Kev