Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nothing New

Here I am – a day before my due date with nothing really new to report.   I’ve watched so many episodes of A Baby Story that I’m now seeing repeats on a regular basis.  

*gasp* Bravo is even starting to bore me.

Dave threw his back out – so at the moment he’s dozing on the couch.   Hopefully he’ll be in better shape over the next few days in case we have to…you know…go anywhere.

At this point I’m most worried he’ll hijack my epidural.

Since I’ve got nothing of any importance to share – please enjoy these pics (professional proofs) from the wedding.  

It already seems like forever ago.

_DSC1795 _DSC1849_B W _DSC1647_DSC1456  _DSC1660

_DSC2179  _DSC2184_DSC2308  _DSC2677_DSC2658 _DSC2666 bouquet

Copy of the end


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! You are simply GLOWING.

    Everytime someone talks about due dates I think of the Friends episode where Rachel is late to deliver and she asks the doctor what can speed up the process.

    Best wishes to you and hope your husband feels better.

  2. Thank you so much!!! I wouldn't change anything at all about the day. It was perfect .

    I am half anxious to get on with this and half content to stay this way forever.

    I don't think that second choice is actually an option. :)

    1. You look beautiful!!