Monday, January 21, 2013

Status Report

me and ry
I think Ryan is going to end up working for Apple – if his affinity for iPhones and iPads are any indication.
So it’s been 2 weeks since I joined WW – one week since I actually weighed in.   I’m currently on Week 2  Day 2 of the “Warm Up to 10k” training. 

I feel better – but I’m not sure I look any better.   The scale seems to be moving pretty slowly this time around.

I think the best thing about being “on program” so to speak is that I feel more in control.   Which is important for me – given the fact that I often feel like I live in chaos. 

All of my possessions were once housed in under 400 sq ft of space.   Now I am blessed to live in a rather large home.   But in that home are also 5 other human beings.

Subsequently – I can’t always find what I’m looking for.   There’s a black hole somewhere in this house and there are multiple things living there. 

Most notably the brand new Cooking Light cookbook I got from my mom for Christmas.   I may have had a bit of a meltdown about this over the weekend.   It really does ruin my day though – when I can’t find what I need when I need it.

Speaking of Christmas gifts – another thing that is helping my weight loss cause is my new Nike+fuel band.    You can ask Dave how important making my goal each day has become.  I have been known to move my arms back and forth repeatedly while in bed just to make goal.   Silly as that seems – that’s the point.   To set a goal to be active each day.   Only once since I’ve worn this band have I been woefully under goal.  

Yesterday I went to the gym and ran for 5 solid minutes.   (This is in addition to the intervals I ran on Week 2 Day 1 of the 10k thingy).   I wanted to quit but really only the first 3 min were tough.     It reminded me that I used to run all the time.

I used to really like running by the East River.   I would run to the South Street Seaport and then walk back up Broadway.   By the time the weather gets warmer I should be in shape enough to find a place to run around here.   

I’m happy that we’re going on vacation in a few weeks.  I’m not happy to have to get in a bathing suit but it will be nice to get away.    Cross your fingers that my baby Moose is feeling better by then.    He’s on his third round of antibiotics since October. :(

Anyway – that’s about it.  Nothing much new and exciting. 

Last night I made what had been my father’s favorite dinner – roasted turkey breast.   Thanksgiving in January.    It was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.   I’m hoping to do a recipe/cooking post sometime this week.   I’ve got a few different meals planned.   

To any of you still checking in - stay tuned!    And thanks for reading!


  1. I am happy to disclose that the Cooking Light Book has been recovered.

  2. Ahem,

    FIVE other human beings. Not sure who you excluded. :D

  3. I'm still not sure Ryan isn't truly part Moose. But noted and edited. :)

  4. Hi, Krissy! Long time no read. I think last time I checked in, you were pregnant. I'm going to keep reading back to try to figure out how you're living with 5 other humans. I thought Dave, the new baby, and...did Dave have 3 kids? I was thinking less. Anyway, welcome to the suburban mom's a different kind of chaos, isn't it?

    Too Late Kev

  5. I went back, post by post, to where I left off (which was when you were going to be moving and you went somewhere first, like the Hamptons?)

    Your baby is adorable and I love your attitude about motherhood. It's true that you have to do what works for you and your family, and especially that you do need to take care of yourself to be able to be a good parent. Just like in an airplane -- you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first!

    Good health and happiness to your not-so-little family.

    And once again, your baby is ADORABLE.


  6. TLK! So good to "see" you! I keep wanting to blog more but I never have time.

    Dave has 3 kids + Ryan so it is definitely interesting in our house. We've got 2 in HS, one starting middle school and a toddler.

    Things though, overall, are going well. I'm perpetually exhausted but am sure that I just have to suck it up for the next 18 years or so!!