Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Me



This time last year I was about 100 months pregnant and suffering from a horrible bout of sciatica.    Honestly, going through labor and giving birth was cake compared to all that.

2012 was a challenge in so many ways.    There was much to adjust to and quite honestly I’m not quite sure I’ve gotten there yet.   But I’m trying. 

We’ve had fun holidays and such but something is just constantly *off*.  I guess  it comes down to the fact that nothing will be the same now that my father is no longer here.    On New Year’s Eve Jen and I recreated a recipe that was brought to us by my mother but last executed by my Dad.    The fact that we could not just call out to him for guidance made me mad. 

Then again – if he were here he’d be making it himself.

Still I am grateful for all I do have.   Great friends, a loving family, wonderful stepkids, an amazing husband, and the happiest little boy ever created.


ryan mooseFor the four thousandth time I’m heading back to Weigh Watchers.   I’m renewing our gym membership.  I’m armed with a Cooking Light cookbook, a Nike fuel band and new workout clothes.   

Even the guy at the bagel store today is in on it.    I ordered a blueberry bagel with cream cheese for Mora and an onion bagel with butter for myself.

He made me a mini bagel.

Stay tuned and wish me luck as I try to make six people eat the food I used to make for myself when I started this blog.  

A happy and healthy New Year to you all.



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  1. WE are doing great. Nice to see my favorite blogger back!