Monday, September 17, 2012

Back in the saddle

Four years ago I started to lose weight.  I started at a time when I thought all hope was lost.  I really, truly did not believe I could do it.

But I did.

60 lbs later I felt fantastic.  I exercised often and I enjoyed it.   My closet was no longer a place I loathed but a place I loved.

And then I met Dave and went out a lot and didn’t quite care that I didn’t order the salad anymore. 

And then, my father died.   And I didn’t quite care what I ate.

And then, I got pregnant.

And then I had this guy.

photo (2)

And here we are.

I’m back…again.    I’m starting with just exercising more regularly.   I just re-started the Couch 2 5K.    I feel like I need to start exercising first and then I can focus on eating.   As it is these days I leave a half full plate at meals because someone needs my attention.

I weighed less the few weeks after I had Ryan than I currently do and that’s the thing that makes me most upset about all this.   But just as I felt when I was single – that you can’t complain about not being with someone if you don’t actively try to find them – you can’t lose weight by sitting on your ass and stuffing your face.

So – at the very least – I’m going to get up and stop eating so much.

We’ll see how it goes.


  1. Okay...I was literally thinking about you yesterday! I kid you not. I was wondering how the baby was doing, how YOU are doing and just everything, really. I am glad that you are back and I look forward to future posts. Also, you gave birth to that ADORABLE little man (he is SO cute) so cut yourself some slack. You have the strength to do it, and you will. Welcome back!!

  2. Hey Jocie!!! I am loving your posts on your *new* blog. I also wanted to live vicariously through you so jealous was I of your summer!

    I tend to sound the most melodramatic when I start taking better care of myself. :)

    And yeah I'm prejudiced but that little guy is supercute. Most days I have a hard time leaving him at daycare. He really is the happiest baby I know.

    So good to *see* you!!! :)

  3. I lost 70 pounds the year before I met my husband. No drinks, no fast food, no dining out - in 13 months I lost 70 pounds. In the first six months I knew him? Gained back 25!

    After we got married I got back down to 135-140 - kept that range for years until I went on insulin for my diabetes. All of a sudden things like pizza and pasta that I avoided? I'll just take more insulin! Now I am 35 pounds and trying to get control again.

    I just like pizza. And tacos. A lot! :D