Thursday, November 11, 2010

Half and Half

I’m here to report that I’ve been going halvsies lately and I’m very happy about it.

Last night Dave and I went to La Cucina for dinner.

park 021

We split a salad.  Bruschetta with goat cheese.  YUM.

park 023

Then I ate half my plate of homemade cheese ravioli.  It was very saucy and hard to take a good picture.

park 028

Dave had some sausage thingy.  I will admit I ate a piece or two of that as well.

park 026

And Dave had a little tiny itty bitty coffee.

     park 030

Today I had a bagel thin and PB for breakfast.   Dave listened to a radio show about picky eaters and said it would come in handy since he’s around one a lot.

I have no idea who he might be referring to.

We went to Cafe Metro for lunch.  I like it there because I can pretend I’m five and color.

ss 048ss 047

We both had vegetable soup with farfalle.  I ate half a grilled chicken sandwich with mozzarella and roasted peppers. 


ss 049ss 050

Dave had a Portobello sandwich.

ss 051

Then we went to the hardware store and (because I am five) I made Dave buy me a grape Tootsie Pop.

Does anyone else think grape is the best Tootsie Pop flavor?

Then after work we went for a walk to the library which ended up being about 3 miles.

Not a bad day.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go eat a turkey burger. :)

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  1. I finished the other half Krissys sandwich for lunch today and it was very good!. Who knew how fortuitous getting that tootsie pop would be!!!!