Friday, November 19, 2010

Uh oh. Or-eee-o

I may or may not have had Sergio Valente jeans and may or may not (but totally did) wear them roller skating at the 2002 Roller Rink on Sunrise Highway.

But this is not a post about tight designer jeans and my ill spent youth.  This is about Oreo Truffles.

Mora and I made them before I was struck down with a virus so evil I only stopped eating bland food yesterday at lunch.

I sadly do not have pics of the finished product.   I KNOW.  Well.  They looked very much like the ones I made in this post.

Here’s a sneak peek into the process.

Lots of mashing of 053Lots of debate as to how many cookies can be eaten and still have enough for truffles. ss 058We compromised on 1 – split between Mora and 054 Lots of melted chocolate 057  And lots of 060 These pics are all via my iPhone.   Look.  It’s Hipstimatic Mora – in a pic that looks like it could have been shot back when I used to roller skate in 061 I have more to report – including a dinner that included these.

ss 069

My ancestors are literally rolling in their graves knowing I ingested boxed potatoes but I will report I didn’t hate them.  I got two boxes to try from the Pssst program.   I gave them to Dave because he is pro boxed potato products.

I don’t care if it’s a total PITA.  I’ll peel pounds of potatoes any day over mixing them from a box.

It might be sticking point in our relationship.

I’m off to DC for the weekend to see my first EVER college football game and my first ever tailgating.  I was going to bring brownies but I burnt the bottom.

Still I am sure there will be more fun to report when I get back.

By the way I have some serious questions for you re: the blog that I will pose on Monday.  In advance I want to let you know that feedback will be greatly appreciated.   It’s nothing earthshattering or major.   Trust me I’m not on the verge of any exciting blog prospects.  Just trying to get this to be a place where I stop slacking and start using it more effectively based on things I want to do with my life.

And on that cryptic note – have a wonderful weekend!!

Stay healthy.  This getting sick thing is totally for the birds.


  1. Mora is beautiful. Is it pronounced Moira or Mo-ra?

    Bob and I have this same thing about boxed potatoes. He is okay with them, I told him not to bother serving them to me.

  2. See and I just told Jen tonight that I was ready to quit your blog and now you leave a cliff-hanger post - unfair and crafy because I guess I am back now! hehe

  3. A - yes she is. And it's pronounced like this: More-ah.

    They weren't bad at all. I actually had seconds but I did joke that my DNA must have been rebelling against them as I got struck with the stomach bug the very night I ate them. :)

    Melissa - I know. I'm bad at updating but my post today is going to (hopefully!) help with that.

  4. My appreciation of boxed potatoes began, because they are very light and fluffy, which my mother's werent. And they are really fast, which is nice for week nights when I have about 15 seconds to make dinner before my children begin to swarm like zombies about to attack.