Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun, Food, Flowers, Philadelphia

I haven’t gotten to the gym as much as I wanted to last week – but I’ve done a ton of walking and I’ve been eating better.  There have been some slip ups – but I’m eating half more than whole these days.  I’ve skipped fries in favor of vegetable soup.   These things are steps in the right direction.

Also – it’s been fun.  I mean – look how cute these sandwich thins are!!!

 ss 350 This is roasted chicken breast, spinach, red bell pepper, onions and fresh mozzarella.  ss 351Tomato soup with spinach and goat cheese.  This is what you can do with a can of Campbell’s!ss 352Roasted chicken, brown rice, tomato paste, yellow bell peppers, peas, spinach, fresh 353

Dave and I went to Philadelphia for the weekend.   We spent some time with his parents and some time just running around the city.

I had a lovely time.

On Saturday I had the best pretzel ever at Miller’s Twist at the….ss 355 Dave wants to come back for Scrapplefest.  I, unfortunately, have plans that weekend.  Drats!ss 356We bought some yummy treats at Di Bruno Bros. Market.  3 types of cheese, homemade pepperoni and 357 After a looooooong walk we ended up at Bridget Foy’s. ss 364ss 358 Dave liked these chairs. ss 362We started with 365 ss 366Dave and I split this delicious burger – we even left some of the fries.

ss 367

And also this Mac & Cheese.  We still have some left over.   And it was just as good as it looks.  More even.  It had a potato chip crust!

ss 369

We walked some more.

 ss 370ss 374 ss 371

Then we headed over to the Flower Show.  We were met with a free wine tasting as we walked in but sadly there was nothing special about any of the wines we tasted.  :(   Disappointing.  At one point I told Dave I’d rather stop tasting and wait and get a good glass of wine later.  That’s how mediocre it was. 

The flowers however were pretty amazing.  It had a French theme.  This just doubly confirms how much I need to go to France.  I’ll let most of the pics speak for 378ss 380  ss 379 ss 383 ss 382 ss 384 ss 386 ss 387 ss 388 ss 392 ss 400 ss 407 ss 408 ss 409 ss 410 ss 414 ss 490 ss 420 ss 422ss 416 ss 426  ss 434 ss 436 ss 448 ss 452 ss 456 ss 457  ss 459ss 458 ss 460 These purses (and pictures) are made with pressed flowers.  So 461 ss 462 ss 463 ss 464 ss 471 ss 473 ss 474 ss 475 A Bonsai Tree – which was not made by a 180 year old man trained for 5 years – but is a 180 year old tree trained for 5 years. :)ss 483 ss 489ss 486  ss 507  ss 513There was also Antique shopping, drinks at the Ritz, a delicious Italian dinner, and a Penn State basketball victory.   And about 6 ish miles of walking throughout the day.

Pretty much perfect.

Stay tuned for some blog housekeeping, such as me flipping a coin to award Cheerios, and the great possibility of a video post starring me and Mora.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Be back shortly.

I promise. :)

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