Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper Spaghetti with Newman’s Own Cabernet Marinara


I received a bunch of products (and a Flip camera!) from Newman’s Own as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.    As soon as I got the package I knew I’d have to have my lovely assistant, Miss Mora help me out.

You will soon see she’s really the star of the show.

Even though I am a control freak who won’t let the poor kid touch the spoon to save her life. :)

We had a terrific time making the video last night.   Thanks again to Dave for his fine camera work and direction and to Maddie and Alex for being so patient.

Dave and I once had Spaghetti al Cartaccio at Barolo in NYC.   Once I got these ingredients and was asked to make a quick and easy recipe I knew what I had to do. 

The video (at the end of this post) will show you step-by-step but here’s some pictures from the shoot to help you out.

ss 525     ss 529

I have to say the sauce was pretty delicious all on it’s own.  You could really taste the wine and to me wine is an important ingredient in my homemade sauce.  I would definitely use this again in a pinch.   This recipe looks fancy but is super simple and really takes less than a half hour all told.

ss 526ss 532   ss 533ss 530 ss 534ss 527ss 537 ss 539


Disclaimer:  The camera adds 10 lbs.   The sweater adds another 10.  Less Pinot Grigio and Girl Scout Cookies + more salads and Zumba will get me to minus 20.

PS: No comments on my corny jokes or my Long Island accent thankyouverymuch.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I love getting to watch a video!!! I think it is now a requirement of your blog!