Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I can’t find my nook

I will explain further but first – 30 words:

Dave thinks he is more hard core than me at the gym.

He also wears shorts, sneakers and black socks when he works out.

Who’s cooler?  You be the judge.


So.  I can’t find my nook.   I bought it with my unexpected gift check bonus at Christmas.  I am a lover of books, I have many and I actually reread them on occasion.  I love the smell of bookstores.  I can spend hours in them.   But I love the nook for the simple reason that I can add more books the minute I finish with my current read.

I read really quickly.

My nook is MIA. :(

I hate losing things.  Mostly because (shh don’t tell him I’m saying this) but Dave loses things ALL THE TIME.  So often that he always has faith they’ll turn up and can move on and do other things till they do.  

I have this thing where I can’t rest until I find what I am looking for.

It’s not that I don’t misplace things.  I totally do.  Often.  But there is a very short list of things that I can’t take losing.  They basically turn me into a bit of a crazy person.

1) Keys.  It’s not been an issue for a while – since I have not driven in quite some time – but I’ve had Jen’s car for about a month and I’ve lost the key 2x.  If I really have to think of it my panic might be because I now have my own mode of transportation.  Not that I was a prisoner every time I was in NJ but my resources were limited.  Now I like that I can run to the store or to Zumba completely on my own.    Me time is at a premium these days.   I’m trying my best to adjust to this new life I’m going to live.  And it’s not a bad thing.   It’s absolutely a life I want – it’s just….A LOT. All the time

2) Wallet.   I am a lunatic when I lose my wallet.  One night (right before I met Dave) my wallet mysteriously disappeared and I’m still not over it.   I have no idea where it could have gone.  One second I had it – next second – gone.  

3) Important papers.  Think passport, drivers license, birth certificate.   They are all now in a plastic envelope under my coffee table thank you very much.   One of the good things about getting married is I have a chance for a new passport picture.  My current one looks like I ate myself and then went back for seconds.

Sidenote:  I remember that day.  I went to CVS with Jen.  I got ready at my parents’ house.  I looked in the mirror and thought I actually looked ok.   Better than ok even.  But I was a huge gigantic hot mess and now people in foreign countries get to see me look that way.

4) Expensive electronics.   I don’t doubt that my nook is somewhere at the house.  I mean it has to be.  I didn’t take it with me anywhere since last Monday night when I looked up the recipe.

I just want to find it is all. :(

In other news – Dave and I have been going to the gym (see above).  It’s early yet – but we’ve been 3 times in the last 4 days.  Not too shabby. 

I made a yummy shrimp and zucchini dish last night.

I have a bologna sandwich for lunch today.

Dave keeps catching groundhogs.  They ate some of his plants so it’s all Caddyshack up in our backyard these days.   I have this nightmare one night they’ll find their way back and be outside our house with pitchforks setting fire to their old home, (underneath) the shed.

There are still birds in our stove vent for the record.  :)


  1. We have two groundhogs in our backyard, also living under a shed, I think. They are welcome to all the plants back there, which probably tells you the state of our backyard.

    I got a kick out of the bug story. I would've freaked out if that big bug were in my pants as well. (Or is that "in well"?) I'd be interested to hear an estimate of the actual number of inches long and wide this but was.

  2. Hey Kev!

    Dave will tell you it wasn't quite as big as I say it was - which was about the size of Texas but it was probably the size of a 50 cent piece.


  3. Oh yeah...I never understood why my married friends wanted to have an apartment on the side to go to until about 6 months into my relationship with Bob.

    I love him, I love being with him, and I don't want it to end. But I would love some time to myself sometimes.