Thursday, June 9, 2011

Very Vegetable-y

I’m trying not to jinx it – this renewed passion for eating better and exercising.  Maybe it’s the fact that half my summer clothes don’t fit.  Maybe it’s the two dresses my mom bought me that I can’t zip up all the way.   I’m not going to analyze it too much.  I think that’s what gets me in trouble.

Anyway for the last few days I’ve been making vegetables more of a part of what we’ve been eating.  Steam them or grill them and add some spices and done.

I love pasta – but pasta doesn’t love me so much.  I wanted to try something a little bit different.  My initial idea was Shrimp w/Cannellini Beans but we were out.  I have been threatening to make my own hummus one day so we had lots of chickpeas.june 002  In an effort to eat less pasta – I subbed orzo.june 007june 008You basically throw all the ingredients in a pot – even the pasta and simmer away.  For the record I always steam my broccoli and then throw it in at the very end so it doesn’t over cook.june 009   Plus I threw in some spinach.june 013Simmer simmer.june 003  I will definitely make this again.june 015 The other day I had a sandwich for lunch.  It was turkey and cheddar w/spinach and hummus and honey mustard on Nature’s Promise Flax and Whole Grain Bread.june 019 You can now go back to your regularly scheduled program.

Dinner on Tuesday was my attempt to get the kids to eat more vegetables.  2 out of 3 children approved.june 021 Dave got me a new charger for my DSLR battery.  He’s so….great. :)june 023 I basically sauteed onions, garlic and peppers in a little olive oil and soy/teriyaki sauce.   I used a Newman’s Own Sesame Marinade and grilled a steak, sliced it and put it on the side.  I added shrimp to the stir fry mix, some broccoli and spinach and brown rice.  DELICIOUS.june 024 Last night Dave and I had Caprese Salad.june 030I know.  I’ve never made that before. :)   I also grilled some chicken – marinated in white wine, lemon juice and Montreal Chicken Seasoning.june 028 Served with Alexia Sweet Potato Fries and Grilled Asparagus.june 029

In other healthy living news - we are joining the gym tomorrow – I’ve been weaning myself off Diet Coke.  It’s not easy and I’m not sure subbing Crystal Light is actually doing me any favors since they are pretty much sweetened the same way.   My goal is to drink more seltzer and less soda.  White wine spritzers instead of gallons of Pinot Grigio.   On special occasions Vodka and Soda w/a splash of cranberry.  Like that.  You know.  Baby steps.

Aaaaaand that’s all I’ve got – EXCEPT the story about the Dave and the bug in my apartment.

Probably not the best to tell after I show you all that food but I’m afraid I’ll never get to it.

SO.  I got home on Friday last week to find a huge bug near my front door.  I mean HUGE.  Like all the bugs in Manhattan morphed into one giant bug.

OK.  I might be exaggerating but it was definitely big.

Anyway I got one of Dave’s sneakers and tried to kill it but it scurried into the bathroom.  In a total novice move I tried to spray the bug with bathroom cleaner.  It was then it decided to go live in my closet.

I called Dave.  Told him to leave work immediately and come kill it.  Then I ran out of the house and went to Old Navy.

I came back, huddled on my bed biding my time.  By around 3:30 I couldn’t take it anymore and went out for another walk.

FOR THE RECORD – my apartment is ONE ROOM.  Just one.  In the 6 years I’ve lived in NYC I have seen about as many bugs and nothing this big unless you count the Palmetto bug that stowed away in my luggage on a trip back from Florida.

(Dear The South – You are not kidding anyone with that fancy name. A roach is a freaking roach. Love, NYC)

Suffice it to say there is not room for me and any sort of critter in that small space.

Dave comes by after work.  He roots around the location of the bug for a bit and finally admits defeat.  Laden with various bags and boxes (You don’t think for ONE MINUTE I am leaving any garbage in that place) we get on the elevator.

Dave shrieks like a schoolgirl man in great distress.

“Don’t be alarmed,” he says “but I think the bug’s in my pants” 

I glare and say  “NOT FUNNY”.

Until I realize he is not kidding.

I am such a wimp at first I won’t even follow him down the hall to the laundry room so he can drop his drawers to find the thing.  Then I decide to go be lookout because HELLO I don’t want him to be the creepy pantless guy in the laundry room.

I have never seen a pantless guy – creepy or no - in my laundry room btw.

So he still can’t find it and gets dressed.  We head out to the sidewalk.

Moments later we see the bug from hell casually crossing the street.

Apparently it had jumped to another location while Dave was trying to find it.

Moral of the story – Dave is stronger than me because I would be in a freaking mental ward at the moment if it had been me rather than him with the bug in my pants.

PS – Thank the Lord for skinny jeans.  They are virtually bug proof.

The end.


  1. Like a girl ???!!!

    Like a man with a bug in his pants.

  2. Redacted but I do wish I could play it back. :)

  3. Note to self,

    buy skinny jeans