Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

A year ago over Memorial Day weekend Dave and I went to New Hope, PA.

This year we went crabbing.

april may 049april may 050april may 048

april may 051I mean Dave, his dad, his sister, the kids and his nephew went crabbing.

april may 054

Dave’s mom and I went to the beach.

And then came back and watched them crab (?) is that the verb?

april may 059

And then we went to Dairy Queen.

I love Dairy Queen.

On Monday we had our geek fest I mean barbecue.      To explain – when Dave was first separated he joined (and now runs) a MeetUp group of people who like to play board games and trivia.  I have never gone to one of the board game events so I only knew the trivia folks.  I’m being mean.  The truth is they were all lovely (if slightly eccentric) people and everyone seemed to have a great time.


april may 060

april may 067april may 064april may 069

I made a corn salsa that was to die for if I do say so myself.   You can find it in this month’s Food Network Magazine.april may 062 And bruschetta.april may 063     april may 072 A lot of people brought pasta salad.  Guess which one was mine?april may 073 april may 074  april may 076 The other best seller was dessert.  april may 082I made a flag cake.  It was noted it was not historically accurate.april may 079 

I said eccentric people attended earlier didn’t I? :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We’re heading to Miss Ellie’s (my goddaughter) 4th birthday bash this weekend.  I am sure there will be plenty to report.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I love the patriotic cake :)