Monday, June 13, 2011

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday



Thursday trivia.  Nice to be in a new place with the same people (give or take two).

I like flat bread pizza.  Houlihan’s serves Cavit.

Pretty much a win/win.



I took a long walk and a half day to be home on time.

I also like Margherita pizza.

I write about food more than normal people do I think.


Zumba for an hour then thirty on the treadmill.

Grocery shopping.  I’m not an extreme couponer but I do like saving money.

Plastic string cheese wrappers = my new nemesis.


I ran while watching The Food Network.

I took Maddie shoe shopping.

I heard the greatest quote ever from Tamra on The Real Housewives OC Reunion.

Andy Cohen owns me.


It’s a very good thing I’ve started exercising again.

My love for pretzels is a huge threat to my wardrobe (and wallet).

It’s an illness. I can’t help myself.

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