Friday, September 24, 2010

In the last 24 hours….

1) My bad romance with the Port Authority Bus Terminal continued.  I saw a guy punching the side of the escalator as he rode up it and a woman boarding a bus holding a 3 ft statue of the Virgin Mary.  That place is NOT NORMAL.  Keep in mind that I live in NYC.  I’ve seen pretty much everything. 

NOTE TO TOURISTS: Port Authority is exactly like the bus station in Adventures in Babysitting.


Sidenote: Who else loves that Josh Lyman played the creepo boyfriend in that movie? 

(Who else also pretended Jed Bartlett was the president up until 2008? 

Just me?)

Also – putting it out there -  I’m a big fan of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. 

I’m right on top of that Rose!!!

Keith Coogan is in both those movies. Coincidence?  You decide.

Sorry.  Moving on….

2) We won trivia partly due to Dave’s icy certainty about the Wall Street Journal and my knowledge of Long Island Iced Teas and The Notebook.

3) I learned Jim & Pam?  Still stinking cute.

4) I made a margarita pie.   I enjoy a margarita (rocks, salt if you are curious).  I do not like lime based desserts.  Therefore this pie could taste like crap and I won’t know it till other people taste it.

5) I made chili.  In the process of making said chili I chopped 2 jalepeno peppers.  Halfway through the chop my nose began to run.  I grabbed a tissue and wiped my nose. 

And it about fell the eff off.

6) Seriously.  I was wondering if I’d have to go to the ER and say “Hi.  I snorted a jalepeno.”

7) I also wondered if LiLo might have tried to use that as a defense in her parole violation hearing today.

Sidenote: Are my friend Kim and I the only people in America who call her LiLo?

8) I’ve learned that watching the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU followed by Dateline is not a good idea.

Pictures of said pie, said chili and the like to follow.

Tomorrow is Zumba, Dave fixing my windows, us watching Penn State play at a bar in Midtown and Maddy’s Margarita Fiesta.

Happy Friday.

Have a glass of Pinot Grigio. It's good for you.


Oh. In case you want to know. Today I ate:

1 slice of whole wheat with Generic refrigerated peanut butter.

Do you keep your PB in the fridge? Dave does. I do not. I also prefer Skippy or Simply Jiff if you're nasty.

He bought me some and I put it in the cupboard. <3

1 97% fat free hot dog. 1 Yukon Gold potato sliced and made into oven fries.

The last quarter of a pint of Five Haagen Dazs Vanilla with a drizzle of Special Dark Syrup.

Eaten out of the carton. Classy w/a K.

Pretzels and Cedars Garlic Lovers' Hummus

Pretzels and Cedars Garlic Lovers' Hummus

(I meant to say that 2x because I had it 2x)

1/2 cup turkey veggie chili w/1 tbsp sour cream.

Aforementioned Pinot Grigio

Exercise: Walking from 23rd and 6th w/a 20 lb overnight bag and 2 bags of groceries.



  1. Did not know the creepy boyfriend, but found it cool that Vince D'Nofrio played Thor.

    I am sure that the Emergency room is kinda pining for both of us right about now. (but still not going)

    A quick google search has identified that TMZ and the NYDaily News both have adopted the LiLo monikier. (once again u are a trend setter.

    For the record though I prefer maple syrup in the cabinet, which I am told is a no-no.

  2. Angela - if you can't laugh...

    Dave - no ER. N.O.

    I don't eat pancakes often so I don't think I even have maple syrup. Is this a dealbreaker?