Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chicken with the Sauce


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Ingredients – Serves 2-3

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/4 cup chopped onion

2 gloves minced garlic

1 can crushed tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce (small)

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 tbsp shredded parmesan

2 tbsp fresh parsley

2 tbsp basil

2 tbsp Italian seasoning

1 tsp crushed red pepper

1/4 cup red wine

1/4 cup peas

Pasta of your choice


In a large pot or saucepan sautee onion and garlic over medium heat. Add chicken and cook through. 


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Add tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes.  Add red wine (I use the sauce can filled about half way) add parmesan and tomato paste.  I only added the paste because it seemed a bit thin.

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They did not have fresh basil at the ghetto market (this is just the market that has virtually NOTHING but is convenient on my way home from work)  so I had to buy this.  I used a bit as well as fresh parsley plus some crushed red pepper and Italian Seasoning.

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Simmer and serve.  I like to wait a good 45 min or so before I serve this.  Makes all the flavors have a chance to get acquainted.

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I added a handful of frozen peas to mine but it works great with broccoli or if you simmer some zucchini or summer squash with the sauce.  You can also serve it over rice.

It’s one of my favorite favorite dinners.  I hope it becomes one of yours.  Originally it was made with breaded veal or chicken cutlets that were fried in an electric frying pan.  Not the healthiest thing – so the recipe has evolved.


  1. Maybe you should have a naming contest to give CWTS a better name. We could give out hockey tickets as a prize ;-)

  2. And whats so unhealthy about an electric frying pan?

  3. It was tasty. CWTS is a fine name. We've discussed why it still stands.

    Ummm...because you FRY stuff in it???