Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back on the wagon

Hello there.

I’m still trying to grab some really great pictures that I uploaded on my other computer but I wanted to share the good things that happened yesterday (mixed in with a few bad but that’s par for the course these days).

Good thing #1

I lost 2 lbs!!!

Good thing #2

The Yankees won!!

I wasn’t perfect these last two weeks but I’ve been much more conscious of what I’ve been eating and doing.  I’ve exercised much more than I have in a while.

For your perusal – here are the kinds of foods that have helped me get there this time around.

By getting there I mean – 2 lbs lighter than I was in September – but…you know. :)

For me - breakfasts must have some sort of protein.  My go to is peanut butter – no question - but some days I really don’t feel like it.  Extra sharp cheddar on an English muffin or with a piece of whole wheat bread spread with hummus is a great way to mix it up.

  food 002food 005

Trader Joe’s Chicken Gyoza Pot Stickers.  These are 230 calories per serving.  I steam them rather than making them stick to the pot.  I add edamame for more protein and broccoli for more veggies.  I drizzle sweet chili sauce and low sodium soy sauce and voila!  This is a great and filling at home lunch or dinner.

food 003

Using baby spinach as an herb.  I have a big issue getting enough fruit in.  I’m better with vegetables but one of the things I noticed that I did ‘right’ when I lost the first 40 lbs is always having something green on my plate.  Sure there’s pasta and (turkey) meat sauce under there but there’s also a half a cup of 001 Shrimp with Black Beans and Quinoa.  I made this for dinner on Monday night for Dave and me.  He liked it.  Quinoa is good for you – it’s again a great vehicle for veggies and the mix of beans and quinoa is quite filling.  The key to quinoa is seasoning and I’ve tried it with Asian and Mexican flavors to great successfood 004Turkey cutlets.  If you are tired of chicken, this is a nice (albeit similar) substitute.  I marinated in soy sauce and a little caramelized onion jam.  I sautéed some onions and shallots till crispy and mashed a sweet potato.  Peas are a starchy green but I was broccoli-ed out at this point.

food 007

I know how to do this..  When all was said and done – my ability to lose weight was assisted almost solely due to my cooking for myself.  I used to think it was impossible for my scale to move anywhere but up.  I proved myself wrong.  Now - I know the tricks.  If I eat out – I eat half.  If I eat at home – I use less fat and more vegetables and measure your portions.  I snack less with less fattening options.  I save ice cream for special occasions.

The one thing I’ve seemed to have forgotten was to limit how much I drink socially.  Bad decisions are made when you over indulge. 

Of course I have a wedding to go to on Sunday so….we shall see how I do with that.

It’s ok though.  Making good choices and not beating yourself up for the bad the way to go.


  1. Great attitude! This was an inspiring post.

    I too noticed a HUGE difference when I partake in social drinking, and this summer was full of that. I am taking a week off from any drinking just to take a break. And, it's not like I drink that much - it just adds up over time.

    Thank you for your post today. I really needed it, actually.

  2. Congrats on the two pounds. Just keep making those good choices and applying what you've learned in the past and more will come off.

    And yeah, no beating yourself up. :)

  3. That cheddar cheese is pretty awesome.