Monday, October 11, 2010

Reason number 242 why I gained almost 20 lbs.

I have loads and loads of pictures from the last month. It's been quite a blur with good things colliding with very, very bad things. It's weird. You know that you will, but losing someone you love makes you feel like you shouldn't care about or be happy about anything ever again.

It's like what happened on 9/11. By the time I got home (3 airports and 3 flights and 3 days later than scheduled and I know I was lucky to get home that quick!!) I was pretty numb. I couldn't fathom how life would go on.

But it does and it shall.

I still feel kind of unsure/guilty/strange about it all though. I don't think it's going to go away anytime soon either. :(

My dad went to the hospital the morning of my birthday. We were all concerned but in no way expecting that he would never come home. (Bad) I went for a mediocre massage (Bad) and then had a fabulous dinner with a fabulous guy. (Good)

Per my request Dave took me to Minetta Tavern.

Thank God for food blogging. I'd never remember what I eat otherwise!

We started with Lobster Bruschetta.

and there was yummy crunchy bread and an overpriced bottle of wine. :)

I had the Black Label Burger. One of my obsessions is caramelized onions. This burger was melt in your mouth fantastic. Seasoned and cooked perfectly I enjoyed half of it and saved the rest of the next day. Delish.

Dave had a steak but I bet he was jealous of my burger.

There was also a leisurely walk towards home, a trip to L'Express for warm chocolate cake and Bailey's on the rocks, and multiple thoughtful, extravagant and practical presents.

It was a good night.

The next morning Dave took me to breakfast at Jen and Whitney Port's favorite diner.

Dave had an omlette.

I had an egg sandwich.

and hash browns.

Quick poll. Would you eat a quiche for breakfast? Do you think if you put an egg mixture in a pie crust it makes it quiche?

The state of my relationship may depend on your answer. :)


  1. We eat quiche for breakfast about once a month. Why - is it gauche? I'd say if the egg mixture has either milk or cream in it and the pastry is savory (not sweet), then it's quiche.

  2. Thanks Shan! See - I make a egg casserole-y type thing often. Mostly because I'm too lazy to make more than one omlette and it's a good way for me to eat more veggies.

    Dave does not like the word 'quiche' yet made one recently and served it for breakfast. He also says you can't eat quiche for breakfast.

    We are at a crossroads here. :)

  3. Yes to quiche for breakfast. Most definitely yes. As for what makes it a quiche, for me it has to be eggs, milk, bacon and cheese - for starters.

  4. I think we are making a bit of a mountain of a mole hill here. I am just objecting to the name. Can we just change the name to Liberty Eggs or Freedom Pie or something like that?

    I mean you do have such fanciful names like "Chicken with the sauce" there must be room for another right?

  5. Thank you Jocie.

    David dearest, it's not a big deal. I was simply wondering about it is all. I think it's fine if YOU want to try and single handedly take on a dish that was created in medieval Germany (Yes. I looked it up. Keep this in mind if you go to trivia tomorrow and there's a food question) rock on with your bad self.

    I - unlike men who must remember a book published in the 80s - think quiche is a lovely, tasty dish.

    And you leave Chicken with the Sauce alone. :)

  6. LOL on Chicken with the Sauce.

    Honey, it's okay to smile and laugh. Grieve as long as you need, but don't stop your natural reactions.