Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belated Birthday Brunch @ The Boathouse

Memo to my boyfriend and Melissa:

I am here to update.

I’m sorry to slack so.  Some days I feel like it.  Some days I don’t.  Some days my pictures are loaded on my inherited from Jen Macbook that doesn’t keep a battery charge and doesn’t let me see the photos to upload and doesn’t play well with Windows Live Writer.

The pics of the NYC Wine and Food Festival are stuck on there – among other adventures.  I have to load them to a jump drive I think.

I’m working on it!!!

I also am quite the fan of alliteration in case you were wondering.

Anyway…my fabulous friends and I had a fabulous brunch at the The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.   They had planned to celebrate my birthday in September and suddenly (with good reason) celebrating my birthday got knocked off my priority list.  I did not want to go out on the town and I didn’t want to make the whole thing about me.  I wanted something a tad more casual.  This was PERFECT.  A group of some of my favoritest people all at one table.

(with a moment of silence for Mellie V who fled to the Bluegrass State.)

We’re pretty expert brunchers the girls and me.

At the Boathouse the wait was so long, when we first gave our name there weren’t any pagers left.   I was three screwdrivers in by the time we sat down but it was well worth it.

iphone 132

  The view from our table.iphone 146   iphone 165 iphone 167 Start with a scone.iphone 175

Right before we sat down we were so hungry we caved and asked the bartender for a bread basket.  Then at the table we cleaned it out in record time and hid it under the table so they’d bring us another.  True story. iphone 177

Mac and cheese if you please.iphone 178 Presenting Cortney, who is not afraid to lift her plate so I can snap a pic.  This was beet salad.  Me no likey beets. I had another scone.iphone 181 I had Eggs Benedict – my favorite brunchtime dish.   I ate 1 and 1/4 and all the potatoes.iphone 183 Kristen and Patti (and I think maybe Carrie too) had Chicken Apple Sausage.  I stole a couple of bites.iphone 184  Maddy had the special omlette filled with baby shrimp.iphone 186 And Cort had the Chicken Paillard.


iphone 187


My friends know how to buy gifts.  I was presented with a pretty blue box containing this lovely necklace.  I love it!!!

food 011

I believe there was wine, (by the bottle is more economical)  a chocolate cake with a candle, me changing in the Ladies Room to go walk tipsily to The Russian Tea Room to meet Dave for an event for his work.

  food 012

He found me at the bar.  I sipped a Diet Coke while he drank the glass of wine I ordered but thought better of.   The lighting was bad there – so no pics of the food – which was really good.  I had the filet – it was perfectly cooked and delicious.  I also ate 2 crab cakes, 3 or 4 shrimp cocktail and a lamb chop. 

Dave did a shot of vodka.  I refrained, having paid homage to our Russian friends hours earlier.

I have some pics of my meals from this past week/weekend.   I’ve been eating really well, tracking on my iPhone (even all the stuff I drank on Sunday), I went to Zumba on Thursday uptown and then at my gym Sunday (Carolina – though sweet – cannot hold a candle to Ben).  I’m on Week 3 of the C25K.  I weigh in with M tomorrow.  I’m crossing my fingers for at least 2-3 lbs.

And tomorrow around 4 PM you can find me here.


food 013

Let’s GO Yankees.


  1. It is about time! I was even bragging about your blog over the weekend and sent people links and then no updates! haha I love being a part of this even though I have nothing to do with it....

  2. Gorgeous necklace/locket. And I'm glad that you had such a lovely celebration.